The good ole trap game comes to Atlanta Sunday, 1:00 ET. Falcons are 9'5 faves to win? Man, you boys in Vegas don't get it do you?

It's getting boring, very much so. So here's what happens,...the Falcons offense will move the ball well, the Falcons defense?<sigh> The Q defense will play deep cover zone since they won't have to employ a *spy* cause Fitz is pedestrian. The Falcons will rely on the D-linemen alone to provide a pass rush, period. Fitz will have the chance to throw dinks left and right and the Falcons secondary will be content to allow lil ole 5 and 6 yards gained on a dink pass. Drives me crazy but that's the scheme and it works sometimes. Depends on the opposing QB and a run game helps as always.

But yeah, on paper the Falcons should rout Tampa Sunday but,...but there's the two very good Bucs D-linemen and a quality cover corner, so. In order for the Bucs to have any chance is to make the game ugalee,...low scoring in the 1st half with a chance to finish and believe me, I've seen the Bucs make a game ugly many times. In fact, they are an ugly team with ugly ass uniforms to boot.

Sunday's game is what, week 12? And the Falcons have played only one divisional game? A loss? Oh my,...look at the standings in the NFC South. Sunday's game has implications one way or the other. Two small market teams with small national fan bases in a meaningful game is always dangerous for the favored team. Another loss within the division would be not nice for the Falcons. And guess who comes to town after Sunday's game with the Bucs? Along with the Eagles, the Vikings are the best NFC teams as of now, nooooo doubt. And after the clash with Tampa Sunday, next week the Falcons host Minnesota.

Should be another battle with those pirates.