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Thread: Why the Cowboys are in a full-fledged crisis

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    Exclamation Why the Cowboys are in a full-fledged crisis

    Bob Sturm

    Dallas Cowboys: Why the Cowboys are in a full-fledged crisis

    By , Special contributor Contact Bob Sturm on Twitter: @SportsSturm

    Bob Sturm, SportsDayDFW.com contributor and co-host of BaD Radio weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. on SportsRadio 1310-AM and 96.7-FM The Ticket, gives his reactions to the Cowboys' loss to the Los Angeles Chargers:

    The Cowboys got Tyron Smith back, but the offense didn't improve. What is going on?

    It is certainly clear that they are lost without a compass on offense and while it is clear they have no idea how to function without Ezekiel Elliott, I think we could wonder why. Dak Prescott looks like he has no confidence right now and Scott Linehan is play-calling like he knows Dak has no confidence. Then, to compensate, they are playing with two and three tight ends, which takes the only elusive targets -- Cole Beasley, in particular -- off the field altogether. Then, there is little to no play-action and the only time you really ask Dak to throw is on third down when defenses excel. There are no big plays or explosiveness, and because the defense was so poor, there were almost no opportunities as all the drives were limited. They just appear to have no idea how to get going again. It is almost like they have convinced themselves that Zeke is the entire organization.

    Some people are now questioning if Dak was a one-year wonder. How concerned about his struggles are you?

    I am very concerned about his slump and the timing of it seems to validate that he is not much outside of his system. I am not concerned about his future, because everyone goes through issues of growth and somehow his first slump in his career seems like it is too much for some to handle. He literally almost played 24 games of perfect football and now hit a rough patch and half his fan base has already given up on him. This town is pretty rough on QBs, you might have heard. He will be fine. But, for now, he is certainly not looking in the groove.

    Did you think the Smiths were a highlight? How was Jaylon and Rod? Did Rod prove he should get more playing time?

    I really like Rod Smith. He is a big man who moves pretty well. He is likely a decent backup and I would be more than fine projecting ahead to 2018 and have him as a Buckeye backup to the guy who took his job at Ohio State. I think there is something there. As for Jaylon, it was a decent enough performance on a few plays, but it is hard to throw roses at the feet of too many defenders to be fair.

    Why are the Cowboys having no luck getting pressure on the QB like they did in the first few weeks? What is going on in the Cowboys' secondary?

    The Chargers don't give up many sacks. But man, the Cowboys didn't come close, despite blitzing -- I believe -- more today than they had at any time all season long. I have a hard time understanding why no matter how many times they blitzed, Rivers was carving them up. Yet they still tried to bring Orlando Scandrick off the edge again. Again and again he killed their blitzes and each time they went right at Anthony Brown. Brown is being targeted repeatedly and without help, he is having a hard time standing up. And, the Cowboys have shown no options to speak of. Blitzing is out of their element and they demonstrated just how bad they were at it today.

    Are the coordinators -- or even Jason Garrett -- on the hot seat now?

    If this season hasn't been enough to re-evaluate the hierarchy of this coaching staff and organization, then I don't know what would. They have lost four home games already. Four! They have not broken 10 points in the last three weeks. I am quite comfortable saying the leadership of this team -- many who have been in power for a long time -- have the temperature on their seat turned up considerably -- especially if they can't stop this slide.

    Where do you see the season going from here?

    I wish I knew. I felt they would be able to go 3-3 without Ezekiel Elliott and I guess they are really unlikely to do so. I wish I knew the answer, but after watching the last three games, I am hesitant to suggest they have the ability or character to pull their way out of it. It is a full-fledged crisis over there right now and I don't trust them to know the way out of this mess, other than to blame the league office for this situation and ruined season.

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