Bob Sturm, contributor and co-host of BaD Radio weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. on SportsRadio 1310-AM and 96.7-FM The Ticket, gives his reactions to the Cowboys' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday:

Should we be worried about Dak Prescott's performance?

He certainly looked about as poor as he has looked, but he also wasn't done too many favors. I think the Cowboys played to their tendencies as much as they possibly could as the Eagles had run blitzes on first down and forced a lot of third and longs. With average pass protection against a strong defensive line, it was always going to be difficult. From there, Dak made some really poor decisions and tried to get out of trouble with his arm and played right into their hands. The Cowboys don't have many receivers who are getting open, the windows are small, and the protection is struggling. This all leads to him looking far out of his element.

Is the Dak-Wentz debate over?

Of course not. This is the second meeting of their careers and hopefully there will be 20-25 more. I would never suggest that Carson Wentz isn't the superior talent, because we all knew it on draft day. But, that doesn't mean he will stay on this course. He might win the NFL MVP this year, so give him plenty of credit. There is a reason the Cowboys wanted him at the Senior Bowl that year. He is phenomenal. But Prescott has been very good, too. I would not even consider anything being over less than two seasons into their careers. Check back in five years.

How much of this loss is on the coaches? How much of the offensive struggles do you put on play calling?

An awful lot of it. But, the Cowboys have been good because of the simplicity of their offense, so we shouldn't be surprised when they are missing some parts that this begins to work against them. They seem to only have one real way of doing things. Play with the lead - stay ahead of the chains - and run the same zone runs with bootleg rollout counters to set up the same 11 personnel 3rd down/2-minute package. So, if their playbook looks like it would be a large pamphlet, we shouldn't be too surprised when it looks like they have very few ideas when they don't have all of their guys. I am pretty disappointed with the coaches, to be honest. Just like we usually are when they are down a few of their guys in this forever top-heavy roster.

What's wrong with Dak and Dez? Is it time for the Cowboys to find a new No. 1 receiver?

They don't connect very well. Dez has very little ability to separate as he properly sees the opponents best coverage men and schemes. Dak forces the ball to him but, he is only open on slants and fades. He literally seems to have 3 routes and he is easy to defend. He also doesn't possess the ability to attack you in many different ways, to be honest. He is not Terrell Owens or Julio Jones or Megatron who you just use in any number of ways. Dez is a nice player but he has real limitations at this point of his career. Dak has to put the ball in better places, but you are asking him to do it against top corners and keep coming back to it because nobody else in the receiver ranks scares you at all. The Cowboys must target some help at this position this spring. No doubt about it. Dez is not going to get younger.

How much trouble are the Cowboys in on defense? If Anthony Hitchens can't go Thanksgiving what happens?

Significant trouble. Their lack of pass rush tonight was very disappointing and then the gashing on the ground began like in every non-Sean Lee game and it was over. Then Hitchens (groin) exited and they were really in trouble. I am not sure there are too many encouraging signs on that front.

Is a wild card still a possibility? Or should we start to think the draft?

Sure it is. But, this three-game homestand must yield two wins. And you just used your mulligan. These games are now most vital. If you lose on Thursday, morale and self-belief will fall even further. There did not seem to be too much fight in this group when things started going south. That is very disappointing in this setting on this stage. They might beat you, but you should not have been steamrolled like that without much of a whimper in the final 30 minutes.

They need to spend a few days looking in that mirror and seeing if they are willing to dig in for the final six games or fold the tent and wait until next year. This was an amazingly disappointing effort in the final two quarters.

Dez Bryant season to date: 93 targets, 46 catches - 504 yards.
Lg rank: 6th in targets, 21st in catches, 37th in yards.

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YO ! that was a hell of a ring ceremony !