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    Yep, this isn't triple-A all right, more like Double-A. F@cking Jets, clown show

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    do we talk about anything else then the jets are clowns the jets suck,blah blah blah blah.... i am sorry but this board sucks lately....its akll about what the jets dont do nothing about what they do..if the jets are a clown show..this board is a shell of what it use to be.....

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    What do you want to talk about that they do do?

    Iíve been saying a lot that I think Mac is doing a good job and I like what i see on the field regarding the young players

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    we do not discuss what is being done right anymore. i know its mentioned that we have a good young nucleus of players but not in detail. i understand the qb situation is a problem but its not an impossible situation when we will be sitting with near 80 million under the cap and also still could be sitting at 4 5 or 6 draft slot, with 2 2s...we have 6 games remaining and really the only sub par team is the broncos in denver and the chargers if that.....there are 7 teams counting us with 6 loses. 4 teams with more then 6 loses and 1 the colts with 7 who with brissett who is playing ok have a pretty easy remaining 6 games and another team the 49ers with 1 win who will not be picking a qb. will most likely be trading out of that slot and who will not want to drop down too far.........we can still be in a good spot come might be early to talk FREE agency but it beats talking about not picking top 3 all the time......not picking top 3 hurts no doubt but it does not mean we have lost all hope and thats what i am hearing on this board....

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    So you're telling me there's a chance......

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    Ok, I get where are you trying to go here, but you gotta understand the suffering man. haven't you heard of the 7 steps of grief?

    We are barely out of stage 2, if that!!!!! Look, this isn't JUST another terrible, lost season. This was the season we were lined up to FINALLY see us (Charlie Brown) kick the ball that Woody (Lucy) is holding. We were gonna suck, yeah, big deal, we've sucked DOZENS of times before, but finally, for once, we were going to suck and get a big-time, stud, blue chip QB prospect for our troubles. FINALLY this was going to happen to us. We could finally go on a 10+ year run NOT WORRYING about QB, but rather worrying AND TALKING ABOUT all the other things that franchises with ANSWERS instead of questions at QB talk about. BUT NO, Woody/Lucy pulled the ball away, at the last second, AGAIN!!!! This is MORE AGONIZING then the losing itself.

    Step 1 - Shock and Denial: What? We are going to start McCown? WTF???? The dude hasn't even frickin played in the PS. NO!!!!! This is worth at least a win or two, if not three. That very well could be just enough to f@ck up the top 2 pick!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! What?? We just picked up Kearse and Kerley. No!!!!!!!!!! See, damn it, we are 3-2, we are f@cking it up. hack would be 1-4 at best. NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Step 2 - Pain and Guilt: We should have known. SOJ. This franchise can't even tank right. We win 6 when we try to win. we win 6 when we try to lose. The tank was on and then we f@cked it up at the last second and benched kid QBs and WRs and are playing JUST ENOUGH vets in those spots to put us in our PERPETUAL place.... NO MAN'S LAND. Woe is us. Woe is us. Woe is us. Woe is us.

    Step 3 - Anger and Bargaining: Fire Bowles right now. Bench/Trade McCown, Kearse, Kerley, Forte, anybody who is not in the long term plan. We can still lose out and maybe have a shot. Can we throw enough money at Harbaugh? Gruden rumors are heating up. What Mehta even wants to tank now? F@cking duche bag, f@ck you Mehta. F@ck you Bowles you play to be mediocre POS. F@ck you Woody. Have some f@cking CONVICTION you gutless tool!!!!!!

    Step 4 - Depression, Reflection, Loneliness: Guess what Jimmy, we aren't even this far yet. This is about week 15 when our #12 draft slot start to solidify, when NE starts plans to bench everybody vs us and get healthy for yet another playoff run and give us one more win to drop us from 12 to 15 in the draft.. That's about when the depression will set in. Too far out to trade up, too far out to get a blue chip. Bowles will return because he won 6 games with a team that was only suppose to win 2. Time to stay off line, ignore everything NFL and just mope. The "I'm done" posts will roll in and this board will be a ghost down for the following many months.

    Step 5, 6 and 7: We'll never f@cking get there without FQB damn it!!!!!!!!!

    This post is brought to you by a FOREVER SUFFERING Jet fan who isn't interested in talking about anything else. QBIE. And we f@cked up our one FAIR shot at being one of the have's in this category.
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    There is 1 way to address the QB situation and throwing 25-30M at someone elses trash is not the way to go.

    So until we actually DRAFT and DEVELOP a QB in today's NFL we are pissing in the wind. Now I don't fault them for passing on this past years crop of mediocrity. Yeah sure Watson looked good, but NOBODY wanted him because of his scattershot deep ball that make Fitztragic scoff. He has certainly improved in the NFL and that's great, but the question on him is accuracy. Once teams adjust to him he will either rise above it or he will fall off. I get that people want to crown him but please lets not be prisoners of the moment here. The early returns are incredible, but he had a ton of questions about his accuracy and arm before the draft. People tend to go with instant reads on players and stick to them. Goff looked like dogshit last year, now....pretty good. As to Goff, I still have my doubts on the kid bc he hasn't ever beaten a top ranked team in college and to date in the NFL I think he went 0-7 last year and this year the W's on the schedule does not look all that impressive. Kudos for beating the Cowboys, that is a solid team. But look at who else they played this year, it makes our 2015 look like murderers row. He still needs some signature wins for his football career and he is now in his 2nd year in the NFL.

    1 Sep 10 IND 9 @ LA 46
    2 Sep 17 WAS 27 @ LA 20
    3 Sep 21 LA 41 @ SF 39
    4 Oct 01 LA 35 @ DAL 30
    5 Oct 08 SEA 16 @ LA 10
    6 Oct 15 LA 27 @ JAX 17
    7 Oct 22 ARI 0 @ LA 33
    9 Nov 05 LA 51 @ NYG 17
    10 Nov 12 HOU 7 @ LA 33

    I'm getting off topic, but the point is that without a LEGITIMATE QB, you have no hope. So yes...all hope IS lost until this pathetic shitshow goes out and attacks the position the right way.

    Now some like myself are disgusted at the idea of having to give up multiple 1st rounders to trade up to the spot to get a QB for us (assuming the team we try to trade with EVEN WANTS TO TRADE, then wants to trade with us, and doesn't just use us for leverage to get more from another team) when we cut all the veterans off the team in order to develop the younger talent, ONLY to be told....well....yeah.....they said that, but we are going to now go trade for another WR (who fair enough ...could b e here through the rebuild) and we get a 2x castoff JAG in Kerley and we go out and try to win games by eeking out victories while hiding our deficiencies. THIS is the year to LEAN IN to our deficiencies and try to make them strengths - NOT hide them and sheme away from them and plug in VET JAGs to hold the fort and keep us mediocre. ALL of it highlights the dysfucntion of our ownership and the franchise that was here LOOOONG before Macc and that imo is why people have lost all hope in this pathetic clown show of a franchise.

    JMO of course.
    J-E-T-S! It's not exactly a passion, it's generally more of a sickness.

    FACT: The New York Jets will never win a Super Bowl with Woody Johnson as the owner.

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