How bout them Falcons! haha sorry, just had to.

That was sweet. After a week of soap opera drama a game started at 4:30 ET and it was a relief just to watch the game and not all the bullcrap. We didn't make it to Atlanta so watched it on FOX,...with the mute on and listening to an Atlanta sports radio station. Screw troy aikman and his bellowing.

Well, let's see,...last season the Panthers won 6 games after going 15-1 in 2015, their only reg season loss was to Atlanta. After losing they Super Bowl, alllll the media was suggesting a,...Super Bowl Hangover would effect the Panthers and Charlotte complied with a disappointing season last year. ummmm lemme see,...with 7 games remaining the 2017 Falcons have won 5 games, interesting. Hangover?

The media loves more blood, more angst, more drama, more dirty laundry more than anything. The manner in which the Falcons lost SB 51 just made they mouths water with lust. Funny, when the Falcons started this season 3-0 the idiots were temporarily silenced but a 3 game losing streak was reason for these regurgitating, lazy ass, so called objective journalists go right back to the hangover mantra. haha idiots.

Does anyone remember 2012? Well, in 2011 the Patriots lost in a Super Bowl but the next year, 2012, the Patriots went 12-4 and went to the AFCCG, a loss to Baltimore. No mention EVER of a Patriots hangover before the 2012 season started, none. No Patriots hangover cause they've built a team that will compete at a high level every year and are without doubt have the finest front office acquiring players. Well, the 2015 Panthers after losing they SB gutted the secondary, had to let go of some vets and viola,...starting two rookies in the secondary was a killer BUT! Those boys started playing better late in the 2016 season and now the Panthers youngsters are performing well this year.

So what's what is that the media should've known, like even my dumbass could see 5 Falcons rookies play with 4 starting in SB 51 and any fool could see eventually with all this youth the Atlanta defense has the players to become a force. haha Even with all those young guys on the D from last year, the Falcons have been starting TWO rookies this year. One is hurt but man, could ya'll not see the writing on the wall idiots? hangover my ass.

Nice statement game,...the Cowboys came into yesterday's game intent on intimidation. When the Boys' DE went for Matty's knees,...Hoculi threw a flag but picked it up, it pissed off Matty and the O-line,...a mistake fool. After that Matty, playing intense, tore a Cowboys new butt hole. Add allll those young guys on defense? 27-7