What the,...why do the Falcons draw a bunch of drama bs so often? It's not like we Falcons fans haven't been thru enuf of that crap man. From Vick to Petrino, to 28-3 man?,...I know I've had enough drama. But nooooo,...just like a curse, just like a stray dog. You feed it once and now it stays.

The timing of these decisions is just curious at best. Man, it's week TEN!

More drama? haha Jerry Jones has threatened to sue the NFL cause the rules of approving Roger Goodell's contract extension were changed,...by Arthur Blank. Or rather, Jones accuses Blank of misleading the rest of the owners on the voting process. NFL *Law* dictates if an owner sues the league, the owner must pay for his AND the league's legal fees. So ya best have a good case cause the NFL have some serious lawyers boys. And high dollar law dawgs to boot. But,...Jones could sue Arthur, we'll see.

And in the midst of all this comes the Elliot suspension? mmm mmm mmm

There's already speculation the timing of the suspension is intentional. Thanks a lot for dragging the Falcons into this theatre of grotesque drama.

Some general NFL fans despise Jerry Jones. He don't bother me cause all he is, is an inbred Arky hillbilly like Bill Clinton. Goodell draws as much disdain if not more. So with all this here emotion, drama always ensues, always.<sigh> ahhhhhh to have football, and only football instead of drama again. Oh well,...those days are gone forever,...