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    According to liberals and NeverTrumpers, our President would set international relations back centuries...

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    The NeverTrump contingent is the one that gets me.. As you all know, I spent time in that camp during the primary, when there was a viable alternative, but man have we seen some true colors come out since then. It's like certain publications and people are just never going to give an inch on anything. Their "never Trump" stance to combat "Trumpism" is an ideological weight around their necks at this point. I honestly believe they're either an extension of the "E" or else they just want to be able to say, "I told you so", and would harm the country to be able to do it. The Bush family is the worst of this lot, followed by social media posters for National Review and Red Flag News. Of course you have Glenn Beck and the guy that used to run Red Flag News. Part of me thinks that Beck and company are just playing to their remaining base of disgruntles who couldn't get behind Trump as he (Beck) went too far down the rabbit hole to ever turn around. Just sickening.

    Mark Levin was alluding to this the other day in the wake of the recent elections, and he said the temptation is to say that backing lack of principle (Trump) has ushered in a backlash. This is partly true of course, more so that the leftist bubbles are lying to them and riling them up, but still Trump's actual stances and ACTIONS on most issues are a lot more conservative than many give him credit for. It is the Congress that deserves our ire, particularly the Repub phonies, not this President. They are the ones who've been exposed to be NeverTrumpers as well, and the LIARS on the campaign trail, undermining the will of the people at each and every turn. They used to be able to hide behind Obama, as one caller put it, but now they are fully exposed as the phonies and liars they truly are.

    Then again, we already knew that..
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    I agree. Some people act like we were electing Pastor in Chief instead of President but it was an astroturf movement.

    Back to the picture above, I enjoyed posting on social media that former Communists loved Trump more than domestic ones!

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