Okay, it's about time the Falcons offense went and sploded. After 8 games the O is statistically ranked around the middle of the road in the NFL. After watching this offense lead the league last season and seeing this year's O struggles(with nearly the exact same players), c'mon, there's gotta be a game of the remaining 8 this O bursts out of this curious lull.

The game will be seen nation-wide Sunday. Here's the map.

Last Sunday in Charlotte troy aikman constantly said the Falcons offense is having "problems" over and over and it was like,...OKAY IDIOT WE GETIT OK??? Aikman is an idiot who says something repeatedly almost like his commentary is scripted before the game due to his lack of imagination. Buck does his job okay, most likely cause he's the guy who must remain objective and not criticize as much. Aikman?hahahaha this boy despises the falcons, always has since 1989. Anyway, listen for aikman to repeat, like a parrott, the same bs.

And that's where I'm going here. Here's yo chance Falcons to shut the fool's trap, and btw, aikman's mouth, oh my. He could put a whole cornish hen in there and pull out only bones. But yeah, it'd be nice to see the O finally have a dominant game.

As I said before, Falcons fans became accustomed to watching one of the greatest offensive performances in NFL history last season. I KNOW they are spoiled when I see some of them wanting to trade Matty, fire the O-coor and stupid stuff like that. So to shut them up and aikman the Crows offense needs one of those 34 point efforts. And it'll take a big time effort to save the season. People say it's not time to panic?hahaha Well, all I can say is some of us panicked after the loss to the Bills at home in week #4. That loss began a 3 game skid as the Falcons offense went,...asleep or something. Or maybe,...