This new development requires a big Dick Enberg,...OH MY!

Guess who's catching heat? Daniel Quinn is who and rightly so. Very muck alike to a politician making promises then after elected breaks them, Quinn's offseason remarks last Spring haven't been easy to make come true or he's full of poop. The biggest promise was being committed to keep the same offense in 2017 and lots of Falcons fans are aware the 2017 O is nothing like the 2016 version. That ain't on the O-coor, that'd be all on Q. He's the HC for Christ's sake. It was logical to think there had to be some drop in O-numbers after that great season, but geesh man, it's not just a matter of trying to match that 2016 performance now. The reduction in points this season, passing and rushing yards has been,...curious.

Well, it ain't a gonna get no easier anytime soon,...the Cowboys come to Atlanta Sunday, the #1 FOX game. Shit,...aikman again<sigh> and truthfully I don't see the Falcons winning. Yeah, perhaps the Cowboys turn it over 3 or 4 times and the anemic Falcons O could score 3 TDs and two FGs, perhaps. Surprisingly Vegas has the Falcons as 3 point faves,...hmmmm. Sounds like Vegas is fishing for money with a bogus point spread.

And then after the Cowboys rope up some Falcons this Sunday, the Falcons travel to Seattle to play on MNF,...oh my. The poor Falcons have a miserable MNF record for one. The other thang is ya gotta beat the Seahawks, their 12th man,...and recently the refs when in Seattle which is a tall order. Having a 4-6 record, going into the division games(the Falcons have 2 games with the Saints, Bucs and a Panthers visit to Atlanta remaining?) Not good ya'll.

Well, there's 8 games left to right the ship. 6 wins gets the Falcons in the playoffs, 5 wins and the Falcons will have to sweep the Bucs, Saints and win that last meeting with the Panthers, go 9-7 and possibly win the division. An 8-8 season after appearing in a Super Bowl is bs with basically the same roster is just,...screw that hangover bs. It's more than that. Quinn hiring an O and D-coor who've never been in the NFL is another contributing mess up. It's all on you,...Q