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    Quote Originally Posted by ret2ski View Post
    STHU, Benedict Arnold Pennington!!!

    I'm hoping they can keep it going another week this fool wants to keep it going for three more years!!!!

    Enjoy it for what it is no more, no less. A loser organization gets sentimental starts extending these guys because they're so giddy they didn't go 0-16.

    A smart organization knows when to cut bait. A smart organization builds off the great fortune they've had here in 2017 by looking for REAL answers.

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    That being said yes I'd rather see McCown come back in 2018 or even Bust Bradford brought in as long as he doesn't get a stupid contract rather than see them trade for then sign the likes of Kirk Cousins or Alex Smith for close to $30 million per year.

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    This woulda been the perfect time for a Pennington bashing thread from Sar1 over on

    LOL those were all-time classics.


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