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Thread: I want Baker Mayfield!

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    I want Baker Mayfield!

    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Baker and Chubb, one and two.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    How about Connor Cook? You still into him?

    He can't even beat out EJ Manuel

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    Take him over Suckenberg any day of the week and twice on sunday!
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    winner winner chicken dinner. We'll be drafting in just the right spot to REACH for a 6'1" QB prospect.

    Don't mistake that as a knock on Mayfield, just sayin, i doubt he grades top 10 when all is said and done, but if we take him we'll be taking him like he's a top 10 grade. Which feels just about right for this franchise.

    it's your wet dream slick. 6 gloriously entertaining wins lands us the 12th pick, where we take the 4th QB off the board, the QB that was a consensus late 1st early 2nd round grade. SOJ

    Oh what a season this is!!!!

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    Fcking Darnold’s a pussy and doesn’t want to come out, Rosen is overrated and not even as good as Trubisky. You guys went in the tank after the Rosebowl against Penn State, that’s when you all grabbed your dicks in unison and started your circle jerk after Darnold’s game. Now your tanking wet dreams are fcked but it’s not because the Jets are winning, it’s because Darnold’s averaging 3 picks a game, he’s not coming out, and even if he did he does not want to play for the Jets, so cry me a river!
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    You know so much about this kid. You can learn a lot from a box score huh? Go watch quarters 2, 3 and 4 of this last USC game and tell me again this kid is a pussy? Bwaaahhhhaaaa. He's the #1 pick in the draft. learn something Slick. 3 picks a game? OK, actually 1 pick a game avg on the season, and in his last 5 games, 13 TDs to 3 INTs.

    This Sat in a game vs a ranked opponent he started out with a QB/WR route miscue, should have been picked. Then a bad decision, didn't see the under coverage, was picked. Then he played the next 3 Qtrs like the next Andrew Luck. look, you can hate on him all you want, it's your prerogative, but he's a protoype blue chip QB and he's only right now graduating out of baby stage in terms of experience, that was his 20th start. His last 5 games he's been completely different than his first 5, as you'd EXPECT from a kid learning the job, and he's been flashing ELITE prospect skill the whole time. NFL teams don't shy away from as kid with epic talent who makes some bad decisions occasionally.

    Look if he doesn't come out, hey, is what it is, if payton manning can stay in school when he's pretty much a lock #1 pick, hey, anybody can, but you are FOOLING YOURSELF if you don't think this kid is a top 2 pick RIGHT NOW if he declares.

    And for the millionth time, the tank was on because we KNEW this was a blue-chip RICH draft. Landing a top 3 pick was a lock to have a blue chip QB on the board. This is STILL TRUE. you don't like Rosen either, hey again your prerogative, but he's simply a kid with all the physical talent to make all the plays necessary at the pro level. In other words, a top 2 pick type QB. Your binky is rising. Allen is playing on a dogshit team and will rise when he leaves his dogshit team behind and starts playing BY HIMSELF for scouts at workouts. And there are a couple others that a lot of people like. This is a QB-RICH draft. And we are playing f@cking veteran QB and veteran WRs, just enough to get us 6 meaningless wins.

    Blue chip skills get drafted at the top. Period. These guys are blue chips. Some drafts have ZERO blue chips. Some have one. Occasionally a draft has two. This draft has MULTIPLE. The perfect time to sit top 3. But no, winning 6 games is better. LMFAO. The f@cking FOOLED never left, and never LEARNED.
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    Blue chip QB draft? Again where are the bluechips? i don’t see them. Darnold needs to come back another year, even he has admitted it, he makes the types of throws that will get him in trouble at the next level. No one is doubting his talent, but everyone is advising him to stay another year, then who are the bluechips? Rosen? Allen? Rudolph? Admit it, this year is not so special, it was all blown out of proportion by the pundits, it was all projections that haven’t even come to fruition. I don’t think these guys are much better than Trubisky,Watson and Mahomes. We blew it last year by not drafting one, now this year who knows what’s gonna happen.

    I simply refuse to root against my team in the face of such uncertainty. But not you guys, you are so certain Darnold is the next Luck,
    And he’s coming out... are you 100% certain? No, You’re not? OK then, so it’s all based on wishy washy wishful thinking.

    Admit it, you have rooted for the tank all based on wishful thinking, apply that in real life, in personal relationships, in business, I dare you! You will be divorced, friendless,
    broke and in jail, acting on wishful thinking is the practice of the fool!

    You love to use terms like “the fooled”. But how ironic that you are the ones that look foolosih hoping and praying that things that you have no control or knowledge of will turn out the way you want to. Under the light of real rational examination this is sheer lunacy.
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    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    I rooted for the tank because our f@cking CEILING was 6 wins and yes because the HYPE on the QB class was huge.

    This is not hard to understand.

    I was FINE with taking a QB last year. I’m ALWAYS fine with taking a QB. Always.
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    Our ceiling was 6 wins? You own a time machine and didn’t tell us about it? How about just letting the season play out? There is no ceiling or no bottom, there is only speculation, you have set yourself up for disappointment, this happens everytime you set your expectations on things you cannot control... You can spin it any way you want but you know I’m right. How else can you justify rooting against the team unless you say- “I am hoping that this is the outcome” Hope and hope all you want snowflake! I’m sure you will get your wishes come true, now run along now Clarisse! Run, run, run!

    You fucked up because I know for a fact that you are holding onto an irrational argument, you think I want to let go of your throat now? I know I’m right, no amount of spinning will change the fact that you are just hoping and praying for an outcome that you have no control over.

    Maybe in the after life I won’t be cheese anymore but a block of margerine, or a stick of gum, so I will root for the tank!
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    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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