Had conversations with three ole buddies who went to the game yesterday in Charlotte. It's something I've noticed 'bout many NFL teams for some years now. Lots of these multi-mil players are not in football shape.

Yeah, yeah D and O-linemen usually have a jelly belly, especially those 320 lbs. type DTs. But when we see defensive ends, LBs with they hands on they hips gasping for air after a play,...in the 2nd quarter?hahaha The Falcons juuuuust might be the least physically conditioned team in the league. Hell, even Julio looked gassed before halftime.

Some NFL teams seem to be in better condition than others haha like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, Cowboys,...all perennial winners, well *coached* and able to perform at a high level into an OT game. Losing teams, the Browns, Bucs, Falcons appear tired late in the game which is fatal in the NFL. Even a 1 or 2 point loss is a loss. But what bothers me is the Falcons defensive players looking like they've just ran a 20 mile trail before the snap, gasping for air. I saw it on TV and asked my buds about it. They said it was humid but not hot and all agreed it looked like the Panthers offense was quicker and the entire Falcons defense looked,...gassed into the 3rd qtr.

We all know the player's union has put limits on head coaches from being a Herm Edwards or a Vince Lombardi. haha Lombardi would be shocked at how players are pampered these days, nooooo doubt. But still as said some teams appear in better condition than others, so the blame for a team not being in football shape should go straight to the head crotch. Since 1990 the Falcons have always had "player friendly" head crotches. The toughest HC was Dan Reeves but even he allowed some players(vets), to get outta drills and such in training camp. Glanville, June Jones, Jim Mora, Mike Smith were all player friendly coaches,...result? Well, the result was 1 SB appearance, 2 NFCCG appearances and only 9 playoff appearances in 25 years. haha ohhhh yes people, it's been difficult to be a fan of this team.

The last 2 and a half years the Falcons have appeared in a Super bowl, a team directed by Daniel Quinn,...DQ,...the Q.

Oh well, nuthin' I or we say will change the way Q coaches, hell especially halfway thru the season. Add that Q is supremely stubborn in his scheme whether it works or not and all ya can do is shrug yo sholers. He's seriously stubborn having the D play deep zone all to be damned, allowing opposing offenses to dink the ball down the field on long time consuming drives, almost zero blitzing and if so with just 5 rushers. I promise, this style defense just makes the game, ummmmm not fun. And then I see players gassing out?pfffft If yo scheme is about speed, speed, speed what the hell good is speed when the players are gassed?