Good game Panthers. We knew it'd be ugly cause the Panthers play ugly football. Oh ya know, a great D and a QB who leads the team rushing the ball. hahaha Good luck with that. Enjoy Panthers fans, we been thru that type QB and it never results in a Lombardi, ever.

And it's not lost that Cameron Newton purposely remains kneeling after he breaks the huddle. Oh yeah little baby boy, everyone sees yo ass. And there were lots of empty seats,...most likely military or law enforcement, former Panthers fans who have had it with these infants.

Josh Norman? HAHA! You idiots. I told ya'll last year drafting all those rookies, letting Norman go, in the secondary would be beneficial in the long run. They are impressive and add the front 7 and I'm tellin' ya'll the Panthers D is as good and talented as any in the league. Problem is the Panthers have a child as they QB.

The game was #1 game on FOX,...Buck and Aikman again. Had to mute the sound. Why does Troy Aikman hate the Falcons? Everything outta he mouth regarding the Falcons was purely negative. F*** Aikman. The Falcons have won in the playoffs with that FOX team doing the game BUT,...when it comes to the regular season I can't recall the Falcons EVER winning a game with those two bozos bellowing in the microphone. And ya have ta hear Aikman dissing your team? Lawd forbid I ever meet Troy Aikman face to face. piece of shit

Welp,...time to kick back and expect average football from the Falcons this season. Next week the Cowboys come to Atlanta and then the Falcons travel to Seattle,...hahaha HUNG OVER you little dick,...said it really matters,...Buck

We saw 2 babies today on both teams,...Cammy is a baby boy, pampered all his life and it appears Julio is another baby boy raised by him's mommy or granmammy. These athletes are soft as soft can be. "It's all 'bout me mane."

You establishment NFL fools,...everyone sees, everyone knows,...idiots,...lose some more millions cause of your lack of integrity.