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Thread: Road Raiders

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    Road Raiders

    Black Hole Magic

    Raider Fans are all about feeling about themselves. Monday morning means they have to stop smiling, turn the page and look ahead to their next game way back home.

    After the bye and facing the Patriots, JDR will be under tremendous pressure to salvage their legacy (and hopefully ruin the that of Pats,) to say nothing of his coaching position.

    Fins have owned them from coast to coast & home and away of late. Even though Raiders have slightly led lead the all-time series-the last four meetings have all been wins 4 the Fins in a big way, with a differential approximately doubling their points.

    Raiders, no matter where from, seem have had a lot of trouble making over 21 points against Miami, an event that's only occurred twice in the last thirty years. Not exactly the kind of display you'd expect of the classic, wide-open offense Al Davis, or his son Mark, espouse.

    Mark Davis
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    After SNF Fins lose a game they should-a won. Thing I didn't see is, win streaks got to end somewhere. The one before lasted 6 games I think, and the Fins were on a 5 game roll over Raiders. Too bad they didn't tell Kenyan Drake, before he lost fumble on the Raider 20 yards line.

    So right after the event, you see Cutler mentioning something to him like, Nice work bro. As events would play out the Raiders completed our scoring drive with a TD of their own. That drive was something special because it started out with a beautifully executed on-side kick recovered by the Fins kicker himself.

    Then to close the game Fins were forced into an on-side kick situation, that they approached completely differently and didn't recover.

    The end result was the that Fins were competitive in the game, for the most part following orders from Gase and his buddy Cutler (even if the game strategy was at times inappropriate.)

    Next game we have is up in Carolina. Fins haven't done too badly with them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gundermerikan View Post
    Next game we have is up in Carolina. Fins haven't done too badly with them...
    Should be an interesting game Monday night. Both teams have a stout front 7 on D and both are desirous to run the ball on O. Any,...ANY pressure on Newton works.

    That was a tough loss to a Raiders team that's about to implode due to politics,...don't know if ya know the story with them. Oh,...and please enjoy Cameron Newton's propensity to rub it in ever 1st down, every TD. When at home in Charlotte the boy turns into a,...boy.

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