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Thread: I'm looking forward to the Rams-Giants game today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elijah View Post
    Rams actually have a HC now, not a tool with a porn star stache.
    Congrats on A.P.

    What's it like to have two surefire first ballot HOFers on your offense?

    I'd LOVE to see a Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints playoff game this year.

    A.P.'s revenge.

    You don't treat a future first ballot HOfer, the best RB of his generation, the Jim Brown of his time the way Sean Payton treated A.P.

    That wasn't right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMan57 View Post
    Go ask Jerry Reese what a $9.25 million per year run stuffing nose tackle is doing for his football team

    Exactly why the Jets did right by not resigning him. He's a piece you add to put a team over the top.
    I can't blame them. Their D was HORRIBLE in 2015. The Jets d-lineman they really coveted was Wilkerson but they didn't get a shot at him so they settled for Snacks. He's still a good player that team has just fallen apart completely.

    They shoulda signed A.P. that one I can't figure out.

    They were linked to him before FA started then once it started NOTHING then again after it became clear it wasn't working out in New Orleans they didn't make a move to bring him in.

    I also can't figure out why they didn't sign Powell when he was a UFA in 2016 he killed 'em in the Giants-Jets regular season game. They've taken the RB position for granted.

    There's a lot of other problems on that team right now too.

    McAdoo looks like the coach the Suck Sam segment of the Jets fan base wished my head coach Todd Bowles was. Their 'ace in the hole'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    Amazing what a #1 overall blue chip QB can do for you huh?

    Rams and Eagles, two teams with the OPPORTUNITY for long term contention.

    The Jets, flailing away with retread never-was QBs. And looking at it again for 2018.
    Time will tell.

    A pretty good half a season doesn't guarantee anything.

    Russell Wilson has won a Super Bowl, played in another, Seattle is a perennial contender and I still don't consider him a franchise QB.

    Cam Newton is another guy, a star, a league MVP 17-2 in 2015 and I still don't consider him a franchise QB.

    Who can forget our very own Sanchize as he was known when the Jets made it back-to-back AFC Championship games in his first two years. Now he's known as Buttfumble.

    Here you are crowning these two after a pretty good half a season.

    Time will tell. Why the rush to crown these guys?

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