Well, the Falcons are in Charlotte now. Great.

Just me, but am not looking forward to tomorrow's game. Just me,...but it's not fun watching certain teams and certain players. No wonder the NFL/espen is losing MUNEEE. I admit it's more fun watching some teams than others. And I actually pity Panthers fans. What they endure, even with a winning record is brutal.

What to expect,...it's funny but Matty's passing yards are just a little more than Newton's. And the Panthers defense is damped good, noooo doubt. As always I expect an ugly game. Lawd forbid we endure Cam Newton's antics,...again. Oh well,...ya gotta face yo demons I suppose.

Other than that this is a huge game for both teams. The Falcons are 3-0 against NFC teams(NFC North) and a division win will ensure a likely playoff season,...for both teams.

It is what it is. Falcons did win in Charlotte last year so there'll be that good ole revenge factor knowing the mentality of peeeps deese days.

maybe it'll be fun