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Thread: The tuneout of HC Todd Bowles by my football team is happening

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    Really? We are committing penalties at an absurd rate and we get outscored in the 4th Qtr by a LANDSLIDE every single week. We need to be up by 21 to win a game.

    We needed a GIFT from the Browns to win that one. Granted we deserved better vs NE but it's no shock to play them tough, they are only our bitter, hated rival.

    We have talent on D. Lots of it. We have decent WRs. And our annual JAG QB is playing decent for a JAG starter.

    IMHO the thing that makes Bowles look good, more than anything, is simply the EXPECTATIONS coming in. All the 0-16 talk. Suddenly a sub 500 season is some achievement just cuz people expected 0-16.

    Fact is, the 0-16 talk was BEFORE McCown was starter, when the entire world could see how obvious it was the Jets were heading into 2017 with Hackenberg as starter. McCwon didn't even play in the PS, I mean comeon. The tank was on. Then Hack just sh!t the bed to epic levels, so bad they just couldn't follow through with the REAL PLAN. The 0-16 talk was also before we acquired Kearse and Kerley. Please ask yourself where this football team would be with Hackenberg playing QB and WITHOUT Kearse and Kerley??????

    Now ask yourself if we had had all those guys from the very beginning and we played the whole pre-season in clear preparation to play McCown at QB? Would we have expected 0-16? Nope. We would have all been bitching and moaning that we are headed for a completely wasted 6 to 7 win season. And..... drum roll please..... HERE WE ARE. so with THOSE expectations are we singing Bowles' praises?

    Bowles is garbage. Wouldn't know a halftime adjustment if it bit him in the face. he has young, fiery, TALENTED kids on D who are flying all over the field, and he has "decent" veterans playing "decent" football on offense with a solid OC. And we have one "solid" win vs Buffalo and we have one LUCK win vs a doormat, and we beat the Jags and the Dolphins who were ASLEEP when we played them.

    I'm not ruling out Bowles proving me wrong and finishing strong, but I'm betting against it, HARD.
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