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Thread: Never Moore

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    Never Moore

    Quote the Raven thing, one Bad ass brawl and M/M winds up with a 47 rating... One Loss more, another in a string of losses at Baltimore that dates back twenty years. In the head - to - head Fins have only 4 wins in 15 games, three of them occurring before 2003.

    Texans have the highest winning pct. head to head against the Fins, followed by Giants an then Ravens. Fins have only played them eight times each, though. What better time for Matt Moore to totally demolish his starting credentials? Moore overall though, is 8-8 as a starter here, where he's been since 2011.

    After starting 12 games in 2011 and going 6-6, the Fins promptly drafted R/T. Ryan's got a 37-40 record, actually worse than Moore. It's all about the QB rating though. I think a QB with say an 100 rating on a perennially losing team has got to be better than the QB with same rating on a playoff caliber team. Reason thought this.

    The winning team's QB is usually ahead in the score and can balance his offense, while the losing team's QB is more often than not under pass pressure where his options are limited or no choice. Witness Matt Moore. While not all of his interceptions were forced-maybe none were-his choices are so much limited than say, Ryan Mallet's were.

    Actually I take that back, Mallet looked completely spooked even though winning with a huge cushion. Well Rave fans, enjoy it while you can.
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