RB Bilal Powell,...oh yeah if you be a Falcons defender, you best watch film of this guy.

Pow is a lifetime Jet for like, 5 years is it? In those years per profootball.com, the guy has always averaged over 4 yds a carry every season other than his rookie season. His best was 5.5.

The Jets have had injury problems with their RBs but now all of them are healthy. Bad news Falcons. You boys can't stop the run to save yo lives recently.

Repeating me self as always,...don't care if it's the Niners, Browns, Falcons, Jets, Bills, Dolphins. Alllllll of these teams have talented players. They allllll have big fast guys and smaller super fast guys, they allllllll possess it. Tis what makes this game better than others. The NBA and MLB have the same teams every year winning it all,...hahaha and so does the NFL but at least the playing field, as far as player talent level, is more level. On any NFL franchise there's 60 players, 30 coaches, 10 trainers and other team officials like ball and water boys. No other pro sport requires 100 people to produce a game. Sorry, being a 'lil loose with numbers but ya get it.

Pow is a game breaker type. He's somewhat like our Jerious Norwood was, a backup that can come in and score on a long run. Pow ran for over 150 yds against the Jaguars a couple weeks ago in a starting role.

hahahaha no,...it's never easy is it Falcons fans?