Another loss Sunday in NJ will be the worst Falcons start to a season since 2014. A win would be 4-3, the same start to the 2016 season last year. hmmmm,...makes Sunday's game pretty important but there's a hurdle, a huge tall one,...the Jets.

Falcons fans, and probably lots of Falcons players thought facing the Bears, Lions, Dolphins and Bills would be automatic wins but ohhhhh no boys. The Falcons barely escaped Chicago and Detroit with wins and lost to the Bills and Phins. And I had known it wasn't gonna be pretty in Foxboro. Didn't expect it to be a Pats rout but equally didn't expect a Falcons win at all.

The Jets are one of those teams that gives the Falcons fits. Possession football, the D dedicated to stopping the run, somewhat a conservative approach. And those are the teams the Falcons have struggled with in the past two years.

Another loss will make the record 3-4. The Panthers and the surprising Saints both have winning records so with 4 losses, the Falcons will have to pretty much win out 2017 just to make the playoffs. A 9-7 record hardly assures a playoff spot in today's NFL unless the 9-7 team wins the division.

Good grief,...the Falcons are 4.5 points faves? You Jets fans have a chance to make some bettin' munny. Apparently Vegas thinks the Falcons are still the 2016 Super Bowl version when it's obvious they aren't even close offensively and defensively to last season. Everyone with any sense knew this year's offense couldn't match that performance, 7th best offense in NFL history stuff ya know. But the defense looks so,...lost it's puzzling.

And also,...OH NOOOO MISTER BILL! The Falcons will have to play a game in the elements too!