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    On to New Jersey

    Shirley you don't mean it. I mean it and don't call me Shirley. What did ya'll expect after the poor performance in Foxboro? Yeah, yeah, yeah,...the media is feasting on Falcon road kill and so what?

    In 2015 the Falcons start the season 5-0 and they said,...the Falcons could be 1-4, in other words LUCKY. So what happens? The Falcons after 5-0 finished 3-8 for an 8-8 season. So the media and lots of neverfalcons fans were vindicated. Next season, 2016, the Falcons ripped thru the West Coast beating good teams,...Raiders at Oakland, Broncos and Rams both at home and that pretty much alone kept the media buzzards at bay. Then with 4 games left in the season last year there was the talk of who should be NFL MVP. hahaha It was clear who was the MVP but they, the media, touted a rookie QB, a rookie RB(both Cowboys) and even a WR with orange hair as the best candidates for MVP. And all the while Matty was on his way to a 4,950 yds season mark passing. In this case, the media realized they would look foolish if not wanting Ryan as MVP, so they relented. And then last season SB51 happened which opened the doors to all sorts of disrespect for you all's team.

    It started this year too. When the Falcons were 3-0 guess what they said again? hahaha The Falcons could be 1-2 they said.

    So in reality the Falcons deserve it this time. The media LUVS to repeat certain terms, in this case it's the ole "SB hangover" bs. But it seems the losing SB team is the one that drinks to excess, not so much the winner. But here's another reality for ya'll, wouldn't have mattered if the Falcons did win SB51. Remember when the Falcons went to SB33 and the media said the Falcons ruined the Super Bowl?,...BEFORE THE GAME? hahaha Some of ya'll haven't been thru years, many years of the media dissin' the Crows. Ever since 1966 the Falcons have been viewed as losers and the poor Falcons are usually compliant, so,...ya know, ya can not read they crap if you desire. You can avoid giving them a click or a hit so to speak. Ignore the NFLN, pregame shows, espen and he rest and focus on the team and its' apparent problems. I promise that alone will save some semblance of sanity. hahaha Being a Falcons fan is a form of insanity in its self.

    The Crows travel to New Jersey to face the Jets come Sunday. It's funny, in that stadium the Falcons have played the Giants tough winning there lots, even back in the Dan Reeves era. But when the Falcons play the Jets there?, usually hasn't been pretty for Atlanta.

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    The Crows travel to New Jersey to face the Jets come Sunday. It's funny, in that stadium the Falcons have played the Giants tough winning there lots, even back in the Dan Reeves era. But when the Falcons play the Jets there it usually hasn't been pretty for Atlanta.
    The Announcers of the Sunday game mentioned Patriots home field win percentage vs. AFC teams compared to their win pct. vs. NFC teams, and there was a dramatic difference. It was like they win 90% of the time if they face AFC opponents there, but only a tad better than 50-50 versus NFC opponents. Basically this -- Pats prefer to get a whole bunch of rejected players from the other teams, or UDFA's and they change their mental makeup. They are used to preparing for AFC teams because they're in that conference, but with little no mental prep ahead of NFC opponents, they're no better than avg.

    See what happen the second time they play Falcons? They're all prepped up and that makes up their method of winning.

    Early in the season they're winning pct. is lower than it is later on. They're also hard on their players. Coaches give no room for forgiveness. It's do or die so later in the season the wining players prevail.

    At any rate this is going to be a great game. Jets are not Patriots, and I think Atlanta will roll. This will be great for the Fins, who may need a Jets loss to even up their upcoming loss against the Ravens. The only time I like watching Jets is when Atlanta plays them, Fins play them, or when they play Patriots and only then I actually root for Jets.

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