hahahaha,...the turf was replaced for this game. Remember the Bears field? But it was more than that,...it was somnambulism. Ya'll know what dat is right?,...sleep walking is what that is.

Am so glad I approached this game like I did. Just to not be disappointed mind ya,...but that was an awful performance. It looked like a team with no fire, allowing the opponent to appear faster, stronger. Into the 4th qtr Falcons players were,...dammit they were sleep walking man.

No one player nor coach is to blame, it was a collective sleep walk dream,...although I'm certain many will blame O-coor Sakasian, to that there is no doubt. It was also Quinn's F****** SEAHAWKS SOUTH MFING DEFENSE. Kiss my ass media types. You people are why the NFL is losing revenue by disrespecting large parts of demographics.

This is bad as back in 2013 and 2014. Still .500 and may correct it all but I'm not sure. Now I'm not sure the Falcons will go 8-8 at best anymore.

Okay 'bout the blame, well who else? Q went with hs usual bullshit in the 2nd half,...even down 17 points? Just as always there's some blitzes in the 1st half but as always there's NONE in the 2nd. And Brady picked the zone apart,...as always. Yeah, the Falcons D is still young with 22 ad 23 year old players but isn't that a good reason to blitz, like cut the rope and lettem run? I'm an idiot hahahaha cuz I know Q's D is carved in stone. It's too late to change a defensive scheme after all this time(like the last 3 seasons). It's within the realm of possibilty that the Falcons D players will become seasoned and be proficient in this unusual scheme. Hell I guess anythins is possible.

As for the offense?,...in the NFL everyone has a solid D-line it seems. Let's see, the Bears, Lions, Bills, Dolphins and Patriots, they ALL dominated the Falcons O-line. Well, it's time to change the play calls knowing there won't be much time to throw and to create wrinkles to get some rush yards.duh,...the shit ain't workin' boys right? What I be a sayin' here is the Falcons don't have a Super Bowl caliber O-line much less a playoff level line. The entire team slept walked thru this game,...amazing lack of urgency, energy.

welp it's 3-3 and now the sleep walkers must go to New Jersey and face another tough foe. Ya know?,...if the performance tonight is an indication, it's conceivable this talented team doesn't have a winning season. And that's a cronic disease of the Falcons,...not being able to string together winning seasons.