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Thread: Had enough of this coaching staff and Cam

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    Had enough of this coaching staff and Cam

    Both need to go. I am sorry.. Neither have the acumen to win in this league. Cam is done as a QB. No intelligence whatsoever. Beaten by rookie and second-year QBs back-to-back. The coaching staff is rotten. Rivera is clueless and needs to go back to Puerto Rico.

    Edit: PS: And yes Cam, my grandma can play better football and understand/run better routes and block better than what you and your teammates have displayed so far.
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    It's anyone's NFC this year and most teams just don't seem to 'want' it. I hate to say but the distractions are affecting the play.
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    Cam's playing well. He's reacting, overall, pretty well, when he faces a heavy amount of pressure. This is what you want when you draft a guy like him. It's growth from last year, too.

    I have no idea what's going on with run blocking, outside of Ryan Kalil being hurt. Nothing really works. Outside of the Matt Kalil purchase, and swapping a rough Remmers for a bigger body, what's really changed? Ryan Kalil! Either Cam isn't into making line changes, or Tyler Larsen is a decent blocker who doesn't call protections like a Pro Bowler. All I know is, Trai Turner doesn't look like himself, the line has been out-classed for weeks, and we're blaming everything but that.

    That was a big difference in late '14, it rode us to '15, it cost us in '16. Despite expenditure it's costing now, when things aren't right. And yet, pieces are talented. I can't say it definitively isn't Cam, but he's not the piece you give up on. You go down with that ship if you can.

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