Just a tad of parlance in recognition. Ah, to be in Boston this time of year. Been there once for 4 days and it is a different Wurl no doubt. They talk funny,...they don't use R in any word with an R in it. Funny, Orientals have trouble pronouncing Ls making an L sound like an R. Boston,...on every corner, every strip mall, every damn where there's a Dunkin' Donuts,...even small drive thrus! Amazing the coffee those people consume.

And ohhhh the bars,...one on every corner as well. Most of the bars in Boston are bars that have existed for many years, kinda cool. And the food,...hahaha people in Georgia don't eat as well as those folks up there unless they be wealthy. But even the pizza is better up thar and the choice of any type food,...Greek, Italian, steaks, cigar bars/restaurants, wunnerful. And then they enjoy their sports.

Must be nice to know your teams will always be great. The Red Sox and Patriots especially, sometimes the Celtics. And being from the South I have no interest in hockey.

Dang wish I hadn't brought back memories of jumbo prawn shrimp, lobster, tenderloin and a martini.