It was 1998 and the Falcons traveled to New England week #10 to face Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe. Pats were 4.5 pt faves going in. The Pats were 5-3 and the Falcons 6-2. In a rout the Falcons won 41-10. In that game the Falcons sacked Bledsoe 6 times and the Pats O had 5 TOs. Although Bledsoe passed for 262 yds the Pats running game managed just 18 yds rushing. Why am I mentioning this old game? That's the only way the Falcons have a chance Sunday night @ the Pats. And that'd be a dominating defensive performance and success in their run game. Good luck.

The run game will be derailed by O-holding penalties,...the Falcons D-backs had best not even touch a Pats WR if the ball is thrown down field or even be close enough to be flagged. All the while the Patriots O-line will be able to hold and even tackle. Their D-backs will be allowed to grab, tuck, pick with they hands disrupting Falcons WRs' routes. Speaking of picks,...the Patriots offense are the masters of the pick play as well as O-linemen blocking past 2 yds downfield before the ball is thrown. It's almost like the refs know the Pats are gonna bend the rules all to be damned and they can't, or won't, call it every time or something. And that's especially when the Pats are at home.

Maybe the Falcons had this date circled on the calendar and will beat the crap outta the Pats like back in 1998. But that was Dan Reeves VS Parcells, it's a HOF coach hosting a 3rd year HC.

It's difficult to criticize a coach that takes his team to a Super Bowl. But this is Dan Quinn's 3rd season. He's literally turned the defensive roster over with young players he drafted and some F-agents. He lucked up by taking over a team with an elite offense/QB/WR/RB. The Falcons have one of the finest facilities in Flowery Branch just a short drive NE of Atlanta,...dorms, putting green fields, restaurant, a medical facility, you name it, weight rooms of course and etc. It's like a damn spa. Few NFL players see this level of luxury. hmmmm maybe it's been too good and players become soft, just wunnerin'

Well here we go into the belly of the beast,...Foxboro in prime time to boot. Glad it's on Sunday night instead of Monday night. Just more proof the Falcons are still considered the red haired step child of the NFL. Halloween'll be here soon.