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Thread: Walk of shame, so what?

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    Walk of shame, so what?

    Don't know if I ever dreaded a Falcons football game like this before. Oh yeah, there were all the years in the NFC West having to face the powerhouses Rams and Niners four times a season,...some of those I indeed loathed but not to this degree. ever

    This is not entertainment. Oh after the fact, say the Falcons win in Foxboro and people will say see? But hey ya'll,...even if the Falcons can beat the Patriots and the refs?,...the wound will still be there. Damn all ya'll whom tend to rationalize just in the attempt trying to show you be right 'bout sumthin' damn ya'll. This BS started 37 YEARS AGO in 1980. You go look that game up on nflreference, I watched the damn game, I saw the bs officiating which cost the Falcons advancing in the playoffs that year. I saw the best team in the NFL blow a huge lead in the playoffs,...So wut?

    And like Metallica sang,...SO F****** WHAT!

    So,...we'll eat sumthin' good Sunday afternoon, get juiced a little bit but hey, come game time I'm gonna cross my arms, sit back with somewhat pursed lips,...will sit thru 3 qtrs of BS until the 4th begins when the real game starts. I expect the worse from now on regarding this country and the Falcons. hmmmm seeems for the same damned reason and if I said it I'd be tarred and feathered. It's obvious to any sane individual.hahahah WAKE UP AMURICA! RISE UP YOU overpaid, pampered babies beginning in yo crib. Granmammy and Mama did a goooood job little boy. And your little ass can't play decent football? After playing the game since you were 10 yrs old?hahaha

    Yep, I dread this game. And said earlier, even if the Falcons rout the Patriots?, way the scar goes away.

    I can see it now,...thru my crystal ballsmmmm,...well, the Pats go up in score 24-7,...let me focus, ah yessss, then the Falcons come back tie the game into OT,...the Falcons lose the toss and lose the game. So F****** What?

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    Relax man Yule win. If not for Regional Coverage I'd have watched Jets last week. Again officiating the TD call had been overturned, even at Met Life. A Fin fan in Jersey had to watch that nonsense.

    Jets receiver catches ball but does a little adjustment just as he's crossing the goal line they say, not having full contact with ball. He's got possession before and after though. You have to have a laser pointer to say that just as he crossed the line there was a little bobble.

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