Just a quickie that won't come out very pretty.

-Julio is w/o a TD reception after 5 games. Here's what he told a reporter before the loss to Miami,..."I'm not worried about it. I could care less about a touchdown. We're 3-1 right now. Right now, it's 0-0 for this quarter (of the season) for us. Whatever defenses give us, we're going to take. If that's me going out there and not scoring and we're still winning games, that's fine with me." It's soooo refreshing to see a high paid athlete with *team* on his mind. Unselfish is what this man is. And he stands, no kneeling.

-Speaking of that,...hahaha!!! Networks telecasting games, as they see a severe loss of revenue from fans, will no longer televise the nat anthem,...haha! Ya get what ya ask for boys. Tough doo-doo, cuz yo complicit sports medium built this up with that pathetic goon that once played for the niners,...idiots. It's actually funny.

-Doesn't look good that Mohammed Sanu will play next Sunday night and that's a shame. Julio needs that top flight 2nd receiver to open up his game. Julio and Sanu are big, fast targets and the rest of the Falcons WRs are munchkins, albeit fast munchkins.

-Hopefully there won't be a flood like back in Noah's time during the game,...hopefully afterwards after the Falcons fly outta New England Sunday night. Here's a prediction as to how things would look,...

Now wouldn't that be something? Some of us on higher land would have beach front property and all those in the Nawtheast would be treading water a gettin' they legs eat off by sharks.mmm mmm mmm now that was ugly weren't it? Just jokin' but water wings might help.

-Per expected, Falcons fans are going off on O-coor Steve Sarkasian, geeshus people,...sooooo damned predictable. Two former Falcons O-coors are presently head coaches. While the Falcons O-coor both men were questioned all to be darned. I swear people think they think they know more than those whom really know if that makes sense. Bill Musgrave and Dick Coetter were Falcons O-coors and were lambasted by all-knowing Falcons fans and I was like,...hmmmm Oh well, gotta live with idiots in this Wurl I suppose.

-And lastly,...empty seats.

And this was the "lower bowl" into the 3rd qtr in the Bills game,...

This is just a joke man,...

I've done all I can do for this franchise. Spent over $20,000 on tickets, gas to get there, food to eat, buying Falcons clothing thru the years,...at LEAST $20,000. And I see empty seats? During the game? Well,...I can assure ya in Foxboro come next Sunday night Patriots fans will have they fannies in they seats. Falcons fans are,...a joke,...I should say lots of them are, not all. After reading they horse manure it's kinda nice they ain't posting here.haha Best to be alone and stay sane perhaps.