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Thread: Destiny,...embarrassment

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    I swear, this football team finds ways to be embarrassed. There's a discussion that this should've been penalized.

    Well,...I'm wondering if the Dolphin didn't know if Gabriel had caught the ball or not. But even still the whistle blew and he carried the WR well over 10 yards after the whistle, so imo it should've been flagged for delay of game. Note the clock and how Kiko carried the player so long after the whistle. It was a 2nd and 10 under 2 minutes which a 5 yd penalty would've made it 3rd and 5 near the 50 yd line. Of course the drive stalled and the Falcons lost the game.

    I'm tellin' ya'll,...Falcons fans are not happy campers these days. I suppose being a long time Falcon fan has tempered my view of the 2017 Falcons. Man, there's been seasons, many seasons when come late October the season was over. I mean records like 1-4 and even 0-5. At least this year, even though performing poorly, the Falcons still have a winning record. Now it's a possibility still to have a 10-6 season but I'm thinking now it'll be 9-7 at best.

    Oh I can't wait to see all the 28-3 posters held up by Patriots fans next Sunday night. Hey ya'll,...we older Falcons fans can't be hurt cuz our team has already made our hearts a chunk of coal. Ya'll cain't touch my ass you hairy back inbreds.

    Dear My Destiny,

    After earning many tools to correct myself in return control you. You are going to serve me afterwards. And I am ready *now*

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    Almost half of the games I'd recently seen featured Falcons losing points in the second half. How can they lose points you say? It's not unlike thermogenics. Does that help?

    Two ways, either not keeping up the temperature of the heat element or venting the container with cold air. If Matt Ice and the offense is the heat element, somebody is disconnecting them after halftime and the defense is leaking too. I've seen the same trend three straight times.

    Now I could tell the of Fins offense on the other hand, were executing better in the first half than they had shown in the last game. They didn't cool down or heat up for the second half, I think their luck changed. The way the Fins have been winning lately, it's typically been thru disruptive plays, but the Falcons shorted themselves out. The Fins watched as the center miscued the hike to the punter, and watched Jeremy draw a penalty right before an interception return.

    In the late game interception the pass attempt was strategically questionable. In the long run no worries, Falcons miscues will be cancelled out over the season, but they got to run a better second half game.

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