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Thread: To the pit of misery with you

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    To the pit of misery with you

    willy dilly, to the pit of misery with you

    There's a tear in my beer cuz I'm cryin' for you dear
    You are on my lonesome mind-Hank Williams Jr

    Anything can happen, I'll always beeee leeeeeve
    Stranger thangs could happen, you could still come back to meee-Ronnie Milsap

    Oh my,...just can't stand reading Falcon fans this morning. No analysis, no looking at things that matter, it's aaallll 'bout emotion. It's fire Sarkasian(Falcon fans are notorious O-coor critics), or it's Matty's fault, the refs. It's the blame game but there was a clear reason the Falcons lost boys. The Falcons, with a 17-0 lead to start the 3rd qtr, allowed the worst offense in the league to dominate the 2nd half is all,...and only a few get it now. Lawd knows I've been railing 'bout it for 9 years, geesh.

    The emotional posts are almost depressing, the season is over, the Falcons are an average team, etc. Just can't handle it man. If ya'll recall correct someone<ahem> warned that the Dolphins are no pushovers. Well, even Vegas thought they were pushovers like most of you folks booking the game at a 12.5 spread and all that. Someone<ahem> warned that if Q continues playing the soft zone the defense will give up points. But that's okay, that someone ain't got time to read chilrens' emotional sentiments.

    It's gonna be bad enough blowing a 17-0 lead to the Phins but guess where the Falcons play next Sunday? See,...after yesterday's loss well,...and it's totally deserved. But after that loss yesterday, and I've already seen it said, the Falcons are CHOKERS. Matty Ice has melted. Rather the Falcons defense has melted Matty keeping him on the sideline, if you know what I mean.

    There's something fundamentally wrong with the way this team approaches the second half of games, and it's been this way for years.-******

    empty seats with the game at 17-0,... *

    I was at the game and I can't get that "Here we go dolphins" chant out of my skull. Someone remind me... This was a home game against the dolphins right?-*****

    Look at your fellow fans,...and they're the first to whine that the media snickers at Falcons fans, as well as other general NFL fans I add. Well, after blowing a 17 pt halftime lead and then having to face the 28-3? The very next week?hahaha Oh my,...
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