Same ole story, same old song and dance. Go up early, pressure the opposing QBin the 1st half with blitzes and lead by say,...17-0 at halftime. 3rd qtr ya play soft zone, allow the opposing offense to score a TD on a long drive. And then yo offense goes 3 and out after they scored. 17-7 and they can come within 3 points after being dominated in the 1st half? In the case today the Dolphins on the ensuing drive, after the 3 and out, were given a bogus penalty and guess what?,...close to the end of the 3rd qtr it's now 17-14,...then the Falcons offense must at least change field position. But Hell,...even with that the Falcons playing the soft zone will allow a long drive again. So entering the 4th qtr it was 17-14.

4th qtr starts and when the Falcons are driving there's another bogus holding call on the LT,...totally bogus and it stalled the drive,...then a bad snap on the punt attempt and the Phins have the ball at the 50.hahaha so much for field position eh? Then the Phins convert a 4th and 3. Then on a 3rd down, for the first time in the 3rd qtr, Q blitzes hurries a throw knocks the ball down but,...FG makes it 17-17.

Then the Falcons O has another 3 and out,...hmmmm what will Q do now on defense in a tied game? zone, zone. zone,...and the Phins drive down the field running the game clock down to 2:35 left in the game, kick a FG,...20-17 Phins. Matty Ice time, right? Nah, Phins INTed his ass to end the game.

My problem isn't with the refs, the way Phins players were acting like thugs, only one thing. This insane scheme on defense is just,...insane man. I've railed 'bout it for two danged years. But as usual, I'm no professional and what do I know? Maybe reduce the blitzes in the 1st half, play more zone and increase the blitzes in the 2nd and playing less zone maybe?? I mean ya have a serious offense. It's been 40 games I've witnessed Q's stubbornness. Hell man, after a while anyone can suss yo scheme when you be so consistent in failing with it and do it every damned game,...geeesh

Good game Dolphins! Maybe ya'll fans will try to give Cutler another chance now.