So here's the key to the game for both teams. I'm going against what many Phins say,...they say if the Dolphins can suppress the Falcons O in the 1st half they have a chance, and I agree with that. But they don't know the Falcons. Oh yeah, if the Falcons score early?, out Phins. But I see no reason the Phins D becomes worn down in the 2nd half as many suggest. Maybe they didn't watch Super Bowl 51, I dunno.

Anytime the Falcons score early it usually spells victory, a fact,...been like that ever since Matty Ice became the QB, 2008. And both Mike Smith and Dan Quinn were and are content with a lead of *any* kind, thus on D plays a soft zone cover to make the opposing team use time to drive down the field and score a TD or FG, I swear it drives me crazy. It is, in effect, the old Prevent Defense. It's the same damped scheme from the 1980's,...3 deep, man cover on the outside, LBs in zone all to be, 3 or 4 man rush so there ya go,...preeeeevent defense.

The Dolphins w/o doubt have analyzed the Bills win over the Falcons two weeks ago. The Bills kept the Falcons O from scoring early. That's the key. Ya see,...this is the plan for the Falcons ever since 2008. They desire to score early and let the opponent either try to come back and possibly make a mistake in the attempt which benefits the Falcons,...picks, fumbles, penalties, and the rest or to ride it out hoping the soft D can hold,...usually on the goal line I hate to say(the Lions, Bears and Bills games).

One might could say the Falcons are a dirty 3-1 team,...but I never liked the dirty bird stuff. That actually came from a wino, old black dude, believe it or not. hahaha I know the story well. But yeah, All 4 games have been *ugly*(other than the win over the Packers), and I suppose this one will be also. Don't care what anyone says, the Phins D is something to deal with,...5 sacks last week.

And in order for the Phins to go up early, the wild card, if it *shows*