Sunday 1:00 ET most of the country will see, on CBS, the Pats/Jets game. The Southeast will see the Falcons hosting Miami. Cleveland will play in Houston. The Patriots and Jets are the Falcons next opponents after hosting the Dolphins, in Foxboro then in New Jersey.

Again we'll have Greg Gumbel, Trent Green calling the game. Remember Green? The former Ram? Those guys are the #2 team behind Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts at CBS NFL. Gumbel is alright but Green can be a tad harsh sometimes. Just thank goodness Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be over at FOX. Last Sunday Aikman,...I swear to GOD this idiot,...all he can do is BELLOW! Talkin' loud like he ain't got no microphone and shit,...ridiculous bellowing fool who had too many concussions. In my experience people who talk loud are selfish, LOOK AT ME, LISTEN TO ME types. And I avoid people like that all to be damned.

To me it's always fun watching Falcons and Dolphins. It's guaranteed there'll be some weird thing(s) happen, at least one. I'm a little partial to the Phins. Living in St. Pete all we had to watch were the Dolphins and the hated Cowboys, lots of Raiders, Steelers and Rams. And this was a great Dolphin, one of the finest passing QBs in all of NFL history.