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Thread: With Carson Wentz, just about anything is possible now for Eagles

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    With Carson Wentz, just about anything is possible now for Eagles

    Nick Fierro
    The Morning Call

    No more evidence is required to prove that Carson Wentz has emerged as an elite NFL quarterback in such a short time — 21 career games. So much has been presented already.

    There’s the team’s third-down conversion rate of 53.4 percent, tops in the league this season.

    There’s the Eagles’ 4-1 record, tops in the NFC East.

    There’s the awe he’s already inspired from first-year teammates Torrey Smith and LeGarrette Blount, each of whom have Super Bowl rings.

    There’s the eye test.

    Finally, there’s the leadership test.

    Check, check, check, check and check.

    What Wentz was able to do most recently boggles the mind.

    In Sunday’s 34-7 win over Arizona, he completed 11 of 12 passes on third down, converting nine, with three going for touchdowns.

    The coup de grace came when the Eagles faced a third-and-19 from their 28-yard line in the third quarter. The Cardinals sent seven defenders at Wentz as he took the shotgun snap. He calmly stepped up in the pocket and fired a 72-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor, turning what had already been a lopsided contest into a 31-7 lead and eventual blowout.

    This after the Eagles lost top running back Darren Sproles for the season two weeks earlier and top offensive lineman Lane Johnson (concussion) for the game at halftime. The Eagles also were playing without their top defensive lineman, Fletcher Cox, and their top cornerback, Ronald Darby.

    Every week this season, someone has gone down. Every week, Wentz and the offense just continue to evolve into what now looks like a juggernaut.

    With the exception of a speed bump they encountered in Kansas City during Week 2 against what is clearly the most powerful team in the league at the moment, Wentz just keeps evolving, keeps scrambling, keeps making plays when it appears there are none to be made.

    “Carson is a beast and he shows that he can make plays,” Smith marveled. “Even on the touchdown to Nelly, which was crazy, he was sliding off of guys, staying calm in the pocket, made a big-time throw and Nelly obviously took care of business with the rest. That is what our team is capable of.”

    With Wentz.

    “There’s like a calm demeanor about him,” Smith said. “He doesn’t get flustered when things are going south and he’s definitely fired up when we’re doing things well.

    “He’s the guy you love to play for, a guy that you look at him in the huddle and you know that he’s going to do everything he can to help us win. You want to hold up your end.”

    Wentz decided one full season of learning wasn’t enough as he headed into his second. He sought the services of a personal coach in the offseason and came back a different quarterback. And it certainly didn’t hurt that he came back to a different bunch of receivers, too.

    The Eagles delivered him upgrades in Smith and Alshon Jeffery and nurtured the troubled Agholor back to a healthy enough mental state that his physical skills could simply take over.

    Wentz already had a lot of franchise firsts. Others came Sunday when he became the first Eagles QB to throw three first-quarter TDs and when he became the only player in the league to finish multiple games with a perfect passer rating on third down this season.

    He’s also a capable and judicious runner. With 108 yards on 26 carries, he’s the team’s third-leading rusher.

    Could it be that his overall performance Sunday — 21-for-30, 304 yards, four TDs, one interception — was the best he’s turned in as a pro?

    Quarterback Carson Wentz took the podium following his first four touchdown-performance against the Arizona Cardinals.

    “I’m not sure,” he said. “We’ll see on the film. I know offensively though we were doing some things pretty well. To come out swinging like we did early in the game, to put 21 up right away and kind of just stay on it.

    “Do we have mistakes? For sure. I still missed some throws. We had our share of mistakes, too, but I think collectively we played some really good football today.”

    Indeed, inspired by Wentz, who on Sunday raised his career record back over .500 at 11-10. For the year he’s completed 110 of 177 attempts (62.1 percent) for 1,362 yards, 10 TDs and three interceptions. His passer rating is 97.7.

    The Cardinals were braced for him. They simply couldn’t handle him.

    Cornerback Patrick Peterson was asked what he saw from Wentz.

    “The same thing we saw on film: a guy that’s very mobile and athletic, has great pocket presence, and does a good job of putting his guys in position,” he replied. “He managed the game very well. He’s soon to be a top-tier quarterback as he continues to grow. His ability to get his receivers open with his legs was the most impressive. We sent pressure at him a couple of times and he was able to escape a little bit, especially in the second half.

    “When we have him bottled up, we have to make sure we get him down on the ground. Like I said, he’s a guy that has great pocket presence and he understands where the pressure and blitzes are coming from. He knows where the outlets are and he moves very well.”

    All after just 21 games.

    With Wentz, the Eagles have come to find out anything is possible. The rest of the league is coming to that realization, too.

    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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    You have a QB who can get you there, a young pass rusher, a left tackle and Robinson has been a shut down corner this year.
    Those are the key positions. The only weaknesses are the other CB, RT and 1 WR. This is a playoff caliber team that can threaten for a super bowl. You wouldn't have Wentz without Kelly but McCoy would look good in a Eagles uniform. I also think Rasul Douglas could be an excellent turnover guy.
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    Good to hear from you Packy . Yes things are looking up for the Birds , Howie really did a great job plugging holes from last season . They have a mini bye then 3 straight home games then the bye . Sounds good to me . Cheers Packy ....
    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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