Here's a quick scouting report,...Miami Dolphins

-Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi,...25 att 77 yds a long run of 11 yds, team total 100 yds rushing

-SIX Dolphins sacks

-Titans RB DeMarco Murray only 58 yards in 14 attempts, a long run of 13 yds

-ummmm,...there were 19 punts in that game, wow

-Eric Weems comes home

Now, let's go back to 2008. It was week #11 and the Falcons were 6-3,...really cooking. They had a HOT rookie QB a great run game and a decent defense. But that week the Broncos came to Atlanta with a QB named Jay Cutler. Most Falcons fans didn't know who the guy was. Well, all he did was appear like the ghost of Joe Montana is all. The Broncos beat the Falcons ceasing a two game win streak.

Last Sunday it was an ugly game in Miami. It kinda makes me think that's the Dolphins way. And having to face the Patriots twice a year it makes sense to make games as ugly and *close* as possible. psssst that'll be they plan come Sunday.

Back to Cutler,...he's the wild card if it shows. He's the only way the Dolphins have a chance and ya'll know what? I'm tellin' ya'll he can still throw a football given time. Now, here we go again. Coach Q is in LOVE with the deep zone cover, a fact. It drives me crazy but it has been successful, sorta, and who am I to question professionals? But ya'll,...give this guy time throwing in a zone cover 90% of the time with pass protection and well,...we'll see. The front 4 of the Falcons are beat up and they alone will be responsible to at least pressure Cutler.

Point spread remains at 11,...won't be much wagering on this game when it's the best game to bet on. ahem