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Thread: Baker Mayfield enters the conversation...

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    Brees was 5'11 1/2'' at the SR Bowl couple of weeks later he was 6' 1l2'' at the Combine

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    Dak is 6'2"
    Tyrod you're right is 6'1" but are we annointing him a "long term SUCCESS?" dubious. But certainly not written off.
    And even vick, I mean plenty of debate as to how "successful" he was, but he was also a flat our freak of a supreme athlete. This kid is a nice looking college QB, not a freak of nature like Vick.

    IMO there are two modern day sub 6'2" guys that can CLAIM "long term success", that's it, Brees and Wilson. Just 2.

    Odds are always long on these shorties.

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    Steve Young was 6.2, Fran Tarkenton is another one.

    Height doesn't matter if the guy can play.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Right, Steve Young is NOT sub 6'2". I already mentioned Tarkenton. That was a long ass time ago. Since him you got Wilson and Brees as legit winners. You got Vick as a long term playmaker but truthfully an underachiever as a QB who never won squat and as I said he was a physical freak. Then you got Flutie as a fringe success guy but quite honestly Flutie is a better argument against as its easy to say height was THE ISSUE for him never really gaining long term traction.

    I agree if you can play then you can make it but denying odds and historic probabilities just isn't prudent. So if this kid "makes it" he'll be the third one to do it since Fran Tarkenton. Yeah, that would be called beating some really long odds.

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    Name short QB's that have tried and failed... Onky Manziel comes to mind, and only because he was such a fuckup. There just aren't that many, coaches move them to RB or WR in college. Perfect example is this kid Cam Akers from FSU, he was an all world HS QB but they moved him to RB, it happens all the time. Roscoe Parish played at my old alma mater Miami Sr. High... He was another 5.10 QB phenom who they moved to WR.

    Short QB's like that are usually super athletic, they run option type offenses in college, they are super succesful at it but NFL teams shy away and try convert them. Brad Smith was one, there was a Penn State QB forget his nmae they moved to FB.

    This kid is different, I see Brees and Manziel packed into one. His feet are so alive, he's electric! Ham should all over him but he's still trying to get over money money Johny.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    I felt motivated to research a little... "Failed" is subjective, but nobody here IMO has been a "long term successful starter"

    Ty Detmer 6-0
    Seneca Wallace 6-0
    Rex Grossman 6-0
    Michael Vick 6-0
    Joe Hamilton 5-10
    Johnny Manziel 6-0
    Kellen Clemens 6-1
    Rodney Peete 6-0
    Tim Rattay 6-0

    Only looking at modern day. If you back to Tarkenton and earlier you see some truly "successful" guys at 6-0. But it's just not apples to apples. Lineman, on both sides of the LOS back then were half the size.

    Ya know, a big part of why the odds are stacked against these sub 6'2" guys is simply that they don't get opportunities, they have to be pretty damn special to get to remain QBs all the way through their careers, get drafted, get snaps, etc... There just aren't that many in the first place. But it's impossible to not account for height as a legit measurable toward a QBs chances. Seeing over and around 8 to 10 guys all in the 270 to 350 lb range piling up in front of you, reaching their arms up, jumping, etc.. yeah height matters.

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    No 6'1 QB's please

    and do not mention Drew Breese

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