The Titans have 4 guys averaging well over 4 yds a carry. It's the E-P offense. Introduced in the 1970's it's a conservative approach to offense. Guess what? The Dolphins run the Spread/Erhardt-Perkins offense,...fascinating cause it's not conservative but still retains the mind-set of calling any play from any formation.


The offense was named after two men, Ron Erhardt and Ray Perkins, who developed it while working for the Patriots under head coach Chuck Fairbanks in the 1970s. According to Perkins, it was assembled in the same way most such systems are developed. “I don’t look at it as us inventing it,” he explained. “I look at it as a bunch of coaches sitting in rooms late at night organizing and getting things together to help players be successful.”

The backbone of the Erhardt-Perkins system is that plays — pass plays in particular — are not organized by a route tree or by calling a single receiver’s route, but by what coaches refer to as “concepts.” Each play has a name, and that name conjures up an image for both the quarterback and the other players on offense. And, most importantly, the concept can be called from almost any formation or set. Who does what changes, but the theory and tactics driving the play do not. “In essence, you’re running the same play,” said Perkins. “You’re just giving them some window-dressing to make it look different.”

Soooo,...there's two types of the E-P offense eh? One a run base the other pass based? While the Titans are running the ball well, the Dolphins are struggling in the run game and honestly in they pass game.

It's interesting 'bout Ray Perkins. Ron Erhardt was a pass-minded offensive type, Perkins liked to run the ball lots. Well, the Dolphins defense best put they big boy shoes on tomorrow. The Tits are gonna run the football and a lot. Tennessee is a 2.5 pt fave in Miami, amazing.

Dolphins are 1-2, Titsans 2-2,...must win for the Phins.