Bye week! No gettin' excited 'bout a Falcons game and endure watching the Falcons struggle to win a game. Or in last week's case, the Bills beating the stuffing outta the Crows. So it's time to kick back and watch other teams beat each other up. 5 quickies,...

-The Falcons have five starters and seven players total dealing with injuries heading into the bye week. And lost defensive O-lineman Jack Crawford for the season. Crawford was signed as a free agent from Dallas and he was playing well.

-The four teams not playing this week are the Broncos, Falcons, Saints and Skins.

-The game in Miami will be a good one to scout the Dolphins. The Dolphins host the Titans but next week travel to Atlanta. Tomorrow's game will be the Dolphins 1st home game in Miami this season.

-October will have a hefty dose of Falcons versus AFC East teams. First hosting the Dolphins, then off to New England in a Sunday night game and then at New Jersey to face the Jets. If the Crows can pull off two wins that'd be nice with a 5-2 record. It's nearly impossible to beat the home cooking in Foxboro. The Jets are playing better football suddenly so the game in Atlanta hosting the Dolphins is huge.

-It has been reported the roof of the Mercedes Benz Stadium will be closed for the remainder of the season. Something to do with mechanical stuff,...or maybe poor design maybe? And then ya gotta cornsidder the cost of opening and closing the thang.

Today it's watching the NFL's minor league,...the NCAA.yech rather watch how scrool futbol but at least it's football. Mucho rather watch that than the NBA or MLB. Interesting that pro athletes are making soooooo much money now,...while fans are leaving the big three by the droves. The NFL *was* the last game with any credibility but anytime politics is injected into the vein of the game?, simply turns lots of people *off* duh NFL.