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    Quote Originally Posted by ret2ski View Post
    I didn't realize 2-2 qualified as a "hot start"

    What a season we are having. So exciting. mediocre is now "hot"

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    I think the Jets start is remarkable one of the most remarkable things I've seen in sports. I came into this season expecting a serious 'run' at 0-16 if they don't win another game the rest of the season they've already given me more of a season than I ever could've hoped for just a few weeks ago.

    The miserable start to the Giants season LOL it's almost like a they're where everyone was predicting us to be feel to it. If they lose to San Diego things are gonna get disgusting for them.

    I agree with the players I haven't forgotten what the expectations were coming into the season. I don't look at Cleveland as a should win game the Jets can definately lose this game! If McCown plays like he did in the fourth quarter against Buffalo & Jacksonville they can lose to anyone!!!

    This team/season has a special feel to it so far the way they play, the way they're answering the challenge of 0-16, the way they're doing it with a bunch of no name castoffs kinda reminds me of the 2001 Pats. It's exciting but with McCown there seems to be a hard cap to the possibilities for this team. He is who he is what happened in Buffalo & last week against Jacksonville WILL happen again it's inevitable.

    For the Jets to find out just how good they can be they have to play Petty or Hackenberg asap hopefully one of them fits this team like a glove.
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