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The stats on FGs made in that direction over 45 yards in Heinz Field that year were not good. Granted an NFL kicker should make a 47 yarder but Herm KNEW this was going to be a tough kick AND Brien had already missed once before that same direction and he STILL didnt even try to get him closer thinking a 47 yarder was some chip shot.

Yes, Brien deserved some blame as he did miss the kick. But the vitriol directed at him and the excuse making for Herm after that game was nauseating. And the knee jerk reaction of trading away a #1 for Doug Freakin JOlley (and potentially missing out on drafting Aaron Rodgers) and taking a f-ing PK in rd 2???? SOJ.
Oh man .. now I'm sorry I even went there!

So many wounds that have never truly healed..