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Thread: 49ers, Browns, Vikings, Redskins, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Broncos, Dolphins

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    49ers, Browns, Vikings, Redskins, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Broncos, Dolphins

    Bills, Chargers, Saints, Cardinals, Jaguars, Ravens.

    Just looking at the lay of the land for a Andrew Luck trade market will look like.

    Obviously some of these teams will play themselves into a high draft pick they'll choose to try their luck (no pun intended) in the 2018 draft. Others could decide to stick with their aging veteran QBs for a year or two longer. Others could ultimately decide they're content with who they have, others could decide they don't want to pay the price.

    Without knowing for sure I can't eliminate them from the list so for now I have to include them here.

    I hadn't thought of Arizona as a possibility before but with Palmer looking like he's 1,000 lately, Arians was Luck's HC in Indianapolis his rookie season they look like a match too.

    Stiff competition no doubt about it.

    If Woody is as obssessed with getting a franchise QB as Mike Francesa has led me to believe he'll pay the price for Andrew Luck. Whatever it is.

    Andrew Luck would change everything for the Jets. In New York he'd be a monster on and off the field not just for the Jets but the NFL.

    Andrew Luck is so good that if the Jets trade for him before he plays a down for them or wins a game for them I could ask the question

    Is Andrew Luck the best football player to ever play in New York Jets or Giants?

    You'd have to consider it.

    Yes sir.

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    Maybe, maybe not.

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    That many .keystrokes to say:

    About half of the league is interested in trading for Luck unless, you know, they're not!
    "On to 2017"

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