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Thread: Lamar Jackson on tonight.

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    Lamar Jackson on tonight.

    I get that he's not the type of QB many want....but if he can bulk up and continue to develop as a passer, the kid has amazing athleticism. Only questions are his lack of size, bad footwork/accuracy and his decision making from the pocket. If he goes to a team that uses him like RG3 he won't ever see his 3rd or 4th season imo. If he gets developed properly, he has a ton of potential. I think the "running" QB guys that came before him (RG3, Kaep, Manziel, Tebow) will bring his stock down, but he is as dynamic an athlete as Vick was coming out imo. IMO Jackson started as a running QB. What he is now is a true dual threat QB. If he can finish the season strong and develop further as a pocket passer, the hype might....MIGHT....come close to the reality. I'm pulling for him. He's a ton of fun to watch. Has his warts though for sure. But hey so did every 1st round QB since that goddamn Dan Marino.

    Anyway, he may be the Jets consolation prize sooooo....maybe give it a watch.

    I've been a Rudolph fan since last offseason before he stated he was going to return. I'd be very happy with him if it shook out that way. But I don't think it will. We might be looking at one of the left overs. Jackson, Falk and Allen are the 2nd tier imo and I am not betting on any of them being anything. I've seen that movie one too many times. Darnold, Rosen and Rudolph are tier 1. Mayfield and Browning imo are not worth even looking at.
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    Falk or Rudolph want no running QB with a 50% completion
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