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Thread: This is a young talented team begging to be liked, what the hell are you guys doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    Where were you when MOST OF US said we were excited to watch our young players play football, see how they develop, and grade our GM and HC based on what they can get out of drafting/coaching/developing YOUNG talent? What the hell am I doing??? I'm watching that and LIKING what i see. Oh yeah, except for one thing, we are playing a dinosaur JAG career backup QB. yeah, that part is just kinda sickening to be perfectly honest. i'm not taking anything away from McCown, i don't want to disparage him, but why are we playing youth at EVERY position except the most important one?

    Win with Petty or Hack? Great, sign me up, love it, beautiful.
    Win with McCown? As f@cking pointless as can be.

    yet another season that gets filed under the header... "Need to find an answer at QB. Failed to do so"
    The answer could be available at the top of the next draft. But we'll juuuuuuuuuust miss because we played McCown and won 5 or 6, instead of Petty/Hack and won 2 or 3.

    The kids can learn and develop winning or losing. Those same kids will be way better off next season if they have a legit QB. Will they get one or just the next failed vet? Oh right, I forgot, all these kids will be totally different 3 years from now because in 2017 they won 5 games instead of 2. Bwaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaa
    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncjet View Post
    Muy bien I'm all in for this year! MSG my friend I've gone to the Dark side I want wins don't care about next year put the young guns in and I'll be happy kinda contradict my self a shit I just don't. care anymore moved out west to Portland a month ago into a rabid giant fan household can't convince them I just don't really give a shit about the NFL anymore
    That's kind of the viewpoint I am coming from now too. It's just not the same, hasn't been since they let KC piss on the flag and blocked people from wearing police stars and 9/11 tribute bands.

    I would like to see what Petty or Hack can do, but I think I already know (and so do the coaches).
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    We do like them. We will like them more if they help us land a stud QB.

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