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    Jacob's Ladder

    It's all I can do to be positive. No doubt difficult but I suppose it has been worse before. If it's not the sports media idiots like Cowturd and Heath Evans, it's dumbbutt Falcons fans. Good grief, the Falcons are 3-1 man. I was gonna take a break, yea know like a bye week? Obsessive is the only word that fits. Cowturd and Evans are verifiable Falcons haters, get over it,...don't watch it dammit.

    Oh well,...personally there's so little time there's no reason to listen to these fools. As I repeat me self,...only thang that matters is when the game starts and when it's over. Drama,...that's it. And I believe the NFL it's self is the reason. NFL Films always went into dramatics even back in the 1970's. The NFL dramatized guys as "bigger than life" many times back then while paying these guys chicken feed(and back when players could snort cocaine before games.) Well, the chickens are a comin' back to roost. The latest player rep is gonna cause some drama, no doubt. Like a strike, or a lockout,...******* drama. Ahem,...remember these two words,...Guaranteed Contracts. One of the 14 members of the NFLPA’s selection committee responsible for re-electing executive director DeMaurice Smith, Dolphins long snapper John Denney said the No. 1 issue among his constituents — as the team’s union rep — is guaranteed money.

    hahaha,...a long snapper

    It's often reported, public knowledge, the NFL owners' wealth. And naturally so, but the NFL? No one knows the worth of the NFL, a fact because it's so fluid all estimates are close to half a trillion bucks maybe more. We'll never know I promise ya'll. Same thang with college football on a grander scale,...I promise.

    But know this,...the NFL ain't comin' off they stash. It'll aaallllll be on the owners,...and<sigh> tax dollars. Kinda like when ya ain't got no chilren' in school anymore but must pay a school tax.

    Last year we had Cam Newton acting and dressing like a,...I dunno, sick person. Now we have a guy who is adored by chilrin' act like a dog pissing after a TD catch? In last Spring's draft the Falcons choose a guy who's holding his deceased Grandma's picture and when he gets on national TV he says GD and MFer,'s like mane?,...would yo Granny approve of your speech? But this is nuthin' new. Randy Moss acting like he's defecating on a Green Bay goal post,...Sanu stomping player's head,...Terrell Owenshahaha nuff said 'bout that fool, good riddance washed up old man. And the media CELEBRATED the fool's antics!

    Okay back to the Falcons I guess. This team is HURT badly. Of course no one cares and they'll approach it like tough shit. To this day I don't know why the Atlanta Falcons are despised by the media. And don't give me this power ranking crap, it's a JOKE. Go back to start the season and research the Bills power ranks,...check them out now?hahahah It's just a JOKE.

    Hell, the bye week was time to get way from drama. There's a whole lotta stuff to be concerned other than the NFL. Like life and death? I'll climb Jacob's Ladder,...damn I'm ready to go. Now I know why the Archangels like Timothy considered people monkeys.

    jacobs ladder
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