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Thread: Rudolph and Falk might be just as good as Darnold and Rosen...

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    Define "proven product". Are you telling me Cousins is a proven product?

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    Darnold has no T man! At least get the name right!))))
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    Haha. Oops.

    Unfortunately there are no Ws in Darnold either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    Haha. Oops.

    Unfortunately there are no Ws in Darnold either.

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    Cousins has proven he can get you 8 wins a year and if that's good enough to back into the playoffs he'll then promptly $hit his pants and get rolled by a legit franchise qb like Aaron Rodgers

    Right up Slik's alley

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    The Rams right now wish they had just signed Cousins. I mean the unknown of Goff compared to the "proven" Cousins? Yeah, they are kicking themselves right now. They coulda drafted a lineman and signed Cousins for $25m. Duh

    Now they gotta bite their nails watching Goff play for $5m. Excruciating.

    Stupid Rams
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    The more potentially very good QB prospect the better! Provided the Dolphins & other rivals end up with better prospects than the Jets.

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