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Thread: I rolled my eyes when Woody said they'd build the team with guys no one has heard of

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    I rolled my eyes when Woody said they'd build the team with guys no one has heard of

    Now I see everything he said materializing before my very eyes.

    Make no mistake about it the wins help. It's proof that they're headed in the right direction and that the plan they've been talking about is solid. I blasted MacCagnan so far so good. More of this they'll get to stay without question.

    Coming into the season even going into week 2 I had no excitement for the team I thought it was gonna be a weekly march to the TV on Sundays to witness the latest Jets loss boring, lifeless.

    They had Oakland on the ropes when the rookie fumbled the punt. The final score wasn't a surprise the fact there was even a point in that game where that happened was VERY surprising.

    The energy this team plays with, they're having FUN out there, the fake punt yesterday it's a FUN team to watch AND they're likeable easy to root for for the most part. In recent years there have been some people on the team I didn't like at all I hated Santonio Holmes, I didn't like Pettine, I didn't like Tom Moore, I didn't like Mason, I didn't like Brunell or Reed, I detested Rex at the end, Richardson, Revis.

    The only person on this team I can say I don't like is Forte I'm hoping he gets traded/cut soon.

    Now PLEASE put Bryce Petty in at QB. I've seen enough of McCown he's served his purpose here already. He has NO UPSIDE he is who he is when he makes the kinda mistakes he made in Buffalo two picks in crunch time or yesterday against Jacksonville when the Jets dodged bullets left & right.

    That would've been one of the most painful defeats ever experienced for me. Someway somehow they found a way to hold on.

    They're learning how to win. Play D, run the ball. Petty can (doesn't mean he will) make the same mistakes at least he has upside.

    I see Denver winning with a second year seventh round pick at QB.

    Petty could be a better fit for this team now. Thank you, McCown.

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    Agree, put Petty in asap, anf lets roll and see if we got outlr guy.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    football players are pretty interchangeable, it's all bout the touches!

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