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Thread: Darnold is not a sure thing...

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    We still have two young developing prospects in Petty and Hackenberg, I want to see these guys play this year before turning my attention to another unknown entity.

    I thought the only reason to root for losses was only when you knew for sure that there was a franchise caliber QB there, now you are saying, no, let's root for losses so that we can get a blue chip prospect.

    You know what I say about that man? Fuck the draft man! That's what I say. I look forward to the draft every year and every year I come away disappointed. I will take all he wins I can take, you guys go root for losses and your pie in the sky savior.
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    But every year you don't come away disappointed after our final and ultimate and completely EXPECTED failure because we keep playing NFL football with backup QBs and 2nd tier prospects as starters?

    When QBs go 1,2 overall it's usually because they are seen as FQB caliber prospects. THIS DRAFT is STILL expected to deliver more than one FQB caliber prospect. Not "just blue chips" as if that is a bad thing.

    You wouldn't sign up for Rosen RIGHT NOW???!!!??? And fully commit to developing him to take over the second he's ready? Whether it's later in year 1 or year 2?

    Let it play out. Lots of college football left. Ther could be 5 QBs in the top 10 for crying out loud. This is a QB rich draft, how often is that said? There are FQB prospects in the draft. How often can THAT be said?

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