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Thread: Darnold is not a sure thing...

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    Darnold is not a sure thing...

    Not a guy you plug in from day one. His mechanics need work, that doesn't get fixed right away. He carries the ball real low, that's a problem. He got stripped and lost the ball for carrying it low, that's a problem he needs to fix. The guy is still a sophomore, he has a lot of talent and a lot of tools to work with, but he's inexperienced still, doesn't have ton of games under his belt yet. These kind of guys tend to struggle at the next level. His recent string of subpar performances are worrying too, he hasn't clearly taken over and asserted himself in these games. All this is worrying to me.

    Put more INT's and more losses together and teams may start to shy away from him, many of us are going by his fantastic Penn State game, but lets face it, he hasn't followed up with similar performances, he's flashed here and there but he hasn't had a dominant game yet...

    Is this the guy we want to tank for?

    On the other hand Rosen and Rudolph turn in dominant performances every week. I am still watching and analysing all this, but I am also encouraged by the makings of a good young Jets team, soon to be bolstered by 80 million in cap space and draft picks. Too early in the season to root against them. If Darnold was batting it out of the park, yes, but he's not, let's face it.
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    Who the hell cares about just Darnold, it was never about just him, it was about securing one of the top draft slots to select one of the blue chippers coming out.

    Now with 4 or 5 super entertaining wins they'll most likely miss out yet again.

    But hey Kirk Cousins will look great in green & white, might actually bump them to 4 straight years of 8-8, or how about super duper stud Mike Glennon, he'll be available too.

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    We need more talent on this team. The best talent is usually found near the top of the draft.

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    You don't root for losses to get "blue chippers" Adams is a blue chpper, so what?

    You root for losses only when you know you have a QB there waiting for you. Darnold is not such a sure thing at this point. It the INTs and losses pile up he will slide.
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    Again, he's not the only blue chip prospect, not hard to comprehend

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    The league is desperate.

    A buncha HOF caliber QBs will be exiting the league in the very near future. Peyton Manning was the first to go. Brady, Brees, Rivers, Eli, Roethlisberger will soon follow.

    The only other two LEGIT franchise caliber QBs I see out there are Rodgers & Luck and Rodgers is already in his mid 30s. So who knows?

    The ONLY under 30 years old LEGIT franchise QB I see out there is Andrew Luck and he's not even playing this year!!!

    So even if the 2018 draft class QBs aren't anywhere near as good as the hype ya better believe the NFL hype machine will manufacture the hype for these guys.
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    This is good in a way. If he Darnold cant handle the pressure now how in hell the NFL in New York. I guess that would cover any of these stud? Qb's

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    Pope said it, who cares. It's fun to predict which cream will rise to the top but beyond that we don't care which cream we choose, just that we get cream. We've been drinking our coffee with fucking powdered creamer for too long. We need a top 2 pick and we'll get the creamiest cream we can get and f@cking MOVE ON. If he doesn't start game 1, who cares again!!! Look at the Rams and Goff. Are they upset they took him at 1 because he didn't start day 1. Riiiiight. This is a long term commitment to get us off the JAG train for a long time. Let the cream rise.

    All off season it was NEVER about one guy. It's about the quality of class.remember the "QBs could gom1-2-3 for the first time ever" quotes? That class is still there and looking more likely for that scenario then unlikely. There's cream in the class my friend. The more guys thst enter the equation the BETTER. Don't worry about just one of them. And don't overthink general boredom based debate on which cream will rise the highest.

    It'll still be Darnoldt though. He's a stone cold assassin. It'll be clear in the end but right now I agree Rosen is feeling like the safest #1. And thats cool. From Fitz to Mccwon to Rosen. That's a problem????? Uhh whaaa?
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