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Thread: The battle for AFC East supremacy: Patriots @ Jets round 1

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    The battle for AFC East supremacy: Patriots @ Jets round 1

    I know it's early I'm just so pumped up. I actually feel pretty good about this one. I'm buying into this team the same way they've bought into coach Bowles. Almost has a next man up feel to it I hope Powell plays if he doesn't they'll find a way to get it done that kinda feel.

    My mind is blown they're actually playing in a game like this.

    If they win whoa baby!!! This season turns from a early season feel good story to serious yet still playing with house money.

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    So far so good.

    J - E - T - S

    JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    STRONG first quarter for the Jets.

    This team looks superbly coached.

    Great gameplan so far.

    Hey if the Patriots want to take the ball out of Brady's hands to give it to their backs that's fine with me.

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    Incredible season.

    I have to rub my eyes.

    It's like a dream come true.

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    Someone tell Chan Gailey Jeremy Kerley says hello

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    F'n refs keeping New England in the game.

    Robbie has to hold on to that ball that's two big drops downfield by him so far.

    And Skrine dropped a pick six ball.

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    Gronk grabs his head and doesn't allow him to turn towards the ball. He was trying too... complete BS cheating call

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    Don't care who wins, I just want Brady maimed but well enough to play moving forward.

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    Lol, now we're trying to play conservative with a huge 1 td lead against brady. Who cares Bowles, throw the playback at them.

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    Dammit Forte make a frickin' play!!!

    The media ballwashes you non-stop


    Gotta convert these 2nd and 3rd and short situations.

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