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Thread: Vegas Massacre

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    He won't get shot , they'll behead him over there.

    "E-A-G-L-E-S ... EAGLES!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talon_60 View Post
    He won't get shot , they'll behead him over there.

    Hah, seriously. Or run over...

    The left are control freaks.

    Birth control, climate control, weather control, economic control, thought control, gun control, etc.

    And it's mainly because they are godless, in general, so they feel like they can control everything and redeem everything (even human nature).

    "Freedom" to them is being a good, subjected cog in the collective machine. A peaceable highly evolved and enlightened animal that "doesn't harm anyone" and seeks radical egalitarian ends via fascism.

    So once again, gun control appeals in the wake of tragedy are this group's cathartic method for dealing with things they cannot control. It's essentially noise, posturing, and callous displaced aggression (framed as righteous indignation). They double-down on calls for things that will not change a thing, or already exist. This comes from a godless worldview, in general, and faith in a fallen humanity.
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    Looks like Dawkins has a challenger..

    Look how freely and lucidly this Islamist speaks the fascist anti-fascist rhetoric endemic to the US?

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    "Sell all you have and give it to the poor..." they're good , but in a very cheap way.. just cheap hypocrites the bunch of them

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