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Maybe you dum dums hadn't heard but the PR debt crisis was eased by PROMESA in June 2016. It's not a raging problem. Obama put that fire out before he left office.

Just to be clear it has nothing to do with the debt why PR didn't aid fast

they didn't get aid because Trump doesn't take briefings he watches tv. and PR wasn't on TV until it was a debacle.
Damn you are STUPID and when Stupid people lie its worse. Promesa is a Joke. It was a bill that didn't erase 72 billion of debt but a nice outlined draft such as bankruptcy whereas the local government was removed and a nice special board was setup by ODumbo and his cronies. Yup a select few that now have complete control over all finances. Read and learn it NEVER wiped out the debt of 72 million it only slowed down the payments going out to creditors.
And then ofcourse your socialist ex President continue to give money which again just pile on more debt, but hey whats new with DUMMYCRATS Odumbo went from 6 trillion to 18 trillion and then as all DUMMYCRATS do blamed republicans
So your promesa was a take over that didn't do sh*t never removed any debt and then continued to give money to PR which just continued to snowball. Thank you ODUMBO and the BITIOT.
Oh and they have had aid since day one but when your infrastructure is completely destroyed aid doesn't happen fast. It takes days thats why as a populace when you know a hurricane is forecasted you get supplies for more then 4 days. But of course Bitiot thinks supplies can just be delivered via teleportation or magic carpets.